Chapter 11

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She stared back at me wearing an astonished and confused look at the same time. Her pale face turned into crimson. Her slightly parted mouth looked so damned inviting as if waiting to be kissed. I must admit that she was one of the sexiest women I'd ever seen. No wonder Rafe fell for her. He would definitely kill me if only he was here.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The sound of my phone suddenly broke the ice. Sighing, I drew out the phone from my pocket, greeting my teeth in annoyance. I scowled and found Elizabeth's name on the screen.


"Trave, where are you and Clara? Do you know what time is it? You are in a nightclub again, aren't you? And you took Clara with you. For goodness sakes, Travis, how long are you going to keep doing this?"

Damn it. My ears shattered into million pieces. I didn't want to listen to this.

"Quit acting like you are a mom. I'm not a fucking ten years old. I know what I'm doing. This is my life. Nightclubbing is my life. Nightlife is indeed my life. But don't worry, we are already heading home." I looked at Clara's face again. She was now watching me, biting her bottom lip.

"Good, because if not, mom is going to find out about this. We are torturing Clara enough when showed in front of her like this. How could you take her there with you? You guys just met today."

I sighed, "Are we torturing her? I am making it easy for her." It was me who was tortured by her. She asked me to dance and then she almost emptied a bottle of vodka. She was fucking touching me everywhere my body and she called me Rafe a couple of times. "Look, I should hang up now. Go back to sleep, Eli. Good night." I ended up the call.

"I think we should go home. My sister is going to kill me. You still owe me coffee." I told Clara and then turned back the car. She curtly nodded, learned on the backrest and closed her eyes.

She was still in love with my brother. She only wanted to marry Mateo because he took care of her and Stephon since Rafe's death. It was as if she felt obligated to marry the man. She loved him, but she could never love him like how he loved Rafe. She told me herself while she was already under the influence of alcohol.

I knew I should not care about her life. I should only care for the company alone. But there was something inside me that wanted to help her out. I didn't have the right to interfere with her private life but I had been researching for a while now. Mateo Sloan's father, Lucas Sloan, was a person I didn't want to deal with. He had an unbelievable record he was trying to hide. He was going to do everything to cover up the criminal activities that he has done for the past three years.

Rafael knew about it, that's for sure. There were private files encrypted in his personal hard disk I had recovered. Most of them were lists of names, including my uncle's and some huge people. There were records of transactions I couldn't understand--money, properties, luxury cars; most were assets. I already had a feeling that it was a work under the table, something illegal. Why would Rafael destroy hard disk if he wasn't hiding anything? I couldn't even stop thinking if he was part of it.

As of now, my existence was remained hidden and coming back as Rafael Sloan would make a big difference. It would shake everyone, even frightened them. It was the only way I could uncover every unacceptable activity inside the company. I had prepared for this, waiting for this very moment to come.

But am I ready? I knew nothing about my family, about the people around me. I had to know who are his friends or who are his enemies. It was why I needed Clara's help.

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