Chapter 8

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Harry's POV

He couldn't fall asleep. Harry wasn't surprised that his first day back to school had been weird, he would have been surprised if it wasn't. But the fact that some people, his age, that he just met had fought off a bunch of creatures attacking the train, well that was different. They didn't look afraid to go fight them and came back in as if it was nothing. He still felt guilty about waiting in the train while the eight other students were risking their lives to protect everyone else.

So many thoughts about the day swam around in his mind until he noticed that he could hear somebody moving around in their bed, adjusting the blankets and pillow, as if they couldn't fall asleep either. "Is someone still awake?" Harry whispered.

"No, I'm sound asleep and definitely not awake," He heard the familiar voice of Ron answering back.

"I can't fall asleep either, do you want to go to the common room?" Harry didn't feel like lying in bed, they had just gotten to school that very day and there was already so much to discuss. Ron agreed and they both got their slippers on and walked out of the bedroom.

They found Hermione sitting on one of the armchairs near the fireplace. They sat down on a sofa across from her as she added another log to the fire, "looks like none of us are getting a good night's rest tonight," she laughed.

"Yea, it's just the incident that we had on our way here with the attack on the Hogwarts express," Harry said.

"It's extremely strange. They didn't want our help when they went to fight the gryphons, but they were still able to come back alive and fix the train. They seem pretty experienced but they didn't know much about the wizarding world," Hermione pointed out.

"Yea, and remember what happened at the Great Hall with Nico and the ghosts. Even the professors didn't seem to understand what was going on. The ghosts were saying something about not wanting Nico's father to send them somewhere, I bet he's a powerful wizard," Ron looked a bit nervous, "I wouldn't be surprised because I could sense some, well, dark magic in Nico and it might have something to do with his dad."

"Like Draco and the rest of his family," Harry wasn't too happy to bring Malfoy into the subject but Ron was right. Nico wasn't a normal kid you'd meet everyday, and neither were the seven others.

"Well they're all in Griffindor as well so there will be a lot more chances to talk to them this year," Hermione said.

Ron and Harry nodded and soon they were talking about chocolate frogs and how many different cards they had before they went back to bed, and when they did, they were able to sleep a lot easier, having talked things out a bit.

The next day, Harry woke up to Neville calling his name, "Harry, it's time to get some breakfast, and we're getting our new schedules today too."

He yawned, got out of bed, and got dressed. He wondered about the classes as he walked to the Great Hall. Voldemort was gone, but this time, he was really dead. He got some high-fives and hand shakes from kids as he walked. He was famous now, even more than when he first came to the school at the age of eleven. He was pretty sure that the classes would be different now that the most dangerous wizard alive was now gone.

When he got to the griffindor table, he grabbed some scrambled eggs and a cup of pumpkin juice. he was halfway done when the eight new students came over. "Hey Harry. Got lost a few times but we still made it in time," Percy took a piece of toast and spread butter over it. They sat down next to him, as more people started to settle in.

When just about everybody was seated, professor McGonagal stood up and started handing out the schedules. "Which class are you most excited for?" Hermione asked them.

"Well, I kinda wanna learn how to fly on a broomstick, it sounds pretty cool," Jason said, "If I learn quick enough, I might even try out for the quiditch team."

"I'm wondering what transfigureation will be like," Frank took a bite of an omelet with mixed vegetables. He was definitely the most muscular of the group. He was tall, fit, and looked very strong, but still seemed nice as he held Hazel's hand.

Harry saw Nico holding a cup of red juice, and could smell that it was pomegranate. Harry thought that Nico would end up in Slytherin, and was surprised when the Gryffindor house was called by the hat. He made him feel nervous, but he was the friends of the seven other new students and they seemed pretty nice and friendly (unless you were flying panthers with wings attacking a train).

After a few minutes, professor McGonagal came over to them and handed them their new schedules. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the eight compared their schedules. "We're all in the same house and grade so all our classes are together," Hermione said.

"Classes start tomorrow, right?" Piper asked.

"Yea, because it would be unfair if classes started the day after we arrived, wouldn't it?" Ron shoved a piece of pie in his face.

"Are we allowed to go out near the lake and on the grass outside?" Annabeth looked like the athletic type of person with a real tan, not the fake Hollywood kind.

"Well you're not allowed to go into the forest obviously, but you can go outside. I guess you could swim in the lake too but there's a lot of fish and other underwater animals too. Oh yea, and a giant squid as well. Probably not the safest place to swim," Harry had had to go in their before and it wasn't the best experience of his life.

Percy didn't seem to hear Harry's last sentence though, "Awesome! I gotta do that. I hope the squids nice though, I don't like arguing with squids that much, they're kinda snobby."

Harry didn't know how to respond to that but didn't have to because Percy had already left.

"Don't worry, he's probably getting his swim trunks on right now," Leo stood up, "Last day 'till he have to start sitting at desks and learn stuff we so might as well have some fun today."

Neither Harry nor Ron had brought any swim trunks but Jason said that they could use one of Percy's many that he had packed with him. Percy was already outside but Leo was right, that after today, term would start and they wouldn't be able to have as much free time, so they would have to enjoy that day. They walked through the halls and staircases until they got outside. They raced each other to the lake. Annabeth won with Jason close behind and Percy cheering for them from the middle of the lake.

Harry was exhausted, but Leo came over and patted his back, "Today has just begun mi amigo."

Percy swam over and splashed them all with water. They couldn't help laughing, except for Nico who Harry had just noticed wasn't there. They continued fooling around by swimming, splashing, and pushing each into the lake. The new wizards seemed pretty cool.

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