The cousin of Jack

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I walked to gym class. I hate exercise. When I walked outside for running, Jack was out there running the field with a friend.

Jack stopped in front of me. All the girls were staring. What the heck, he ain't hot.

Well, I'm his cousin.

He told me he was a player. I said, "oh wow that's funny." I hated players. They date most of the girls in the school and then they get heartbroken. That's what happened to a friend of mine.

Jack went on running and the girls asked who I was to him. "I'm his cousin." The girls sighed in relief. Then they continued to watch Jack run.

All of us had to go running, and I ran a few laps and then we had to go inside. I was happy we got to go inside. Then I hit the showers and went to the next class.

I think the girls started gossiping about me and Jack. Now most of the girls in the school keep asking me if I was lying about Jack being my cousin. Even a few asked Jack. So humiliating for both of us. 

After school, Jack was mad about all the girls. And at me. He thought I said we were dating. I laughed and I told him I didn't do that.

He did believe me and we did some homework. Well, I didn't do my homework, I'm gonna say the dog ate it. Does that work? We will find out tomorrow!

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