Number ten paces, fire!| Lams

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"What did you say about General Washington?!"

"The man's an idiot, and so it seems you!"

"Take it back, Lee!"

"I'm not wrong, Princess~!"

"Shut up! I declare a duel!"

"How old are you, five?! Fine! A duel!"

Charles grabbed my hips pushed my chest to the wall. "I can't wait to watch you bleed out~" He purred, sucking on my neck. I huffed and elbowed him away. "In your dreams." I spat as I left.

*Time skip*
"Alexander, I refuse to let him talk trash about Washington!" I muttered as Alexander picked me up. "John, out can't. I'll shoot for you, I'll kill him! I'll-"

"Lee cheats. I can get around his games, you don't know him well, my dear..." I sighed. Alexander kissed the back of my head and breathed out on my neck, making me turn red. "Peaches, I'll be there for you... don't let him win..." He told me. I nodded.

"I won't."

*Time Skip*
"Alexander, could you hold my coat?" John asked. I slipped his blue coat off. I threw it over my shoulder and kissed his soft lips. "John be careful... I want to have a family with you..." I told John. I heard him choke out a sob. "I will... I'll be careful..." He whispered.

I let my lover go and handed him a gun. "I can believe I'm letting you do this..." I mumbled. "Because you love me... and you trust me..." John whispered, sniffling and dabbing his eyes with his sleeve. I kissed his head before letting him get ready for the duel.

"What a pretty husband you have." I heard. I turned to Aaron. "Alexander." He hummed. "Aaron Burr, sir." I sneered. "Can we agree-" "No we can't, If Lee kills John, I'm-" "When." Aaron corrected me. "What..?" I asked. "Oh, nothing, just wait for it." Aaron told me. I saw his eyes glimmer with mischief as he walked away. He said something to Lee before grinning at John. I felt my heart race as Aaron walked away from Lee and as he stood a little ways away from Lee, he watched with pleasure.

Lee put a bullet in his gun... that was supposed to already have bullets. I tried to figure out what was happening. I didn't want to call off the duel because John would be upset with my conspiracies. It clicked that Lee wanted to kill John, he was going to hit him in the heart.










Number ten, paces, fire!

"No, Wait!"

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