Chapter 08

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This time, forest like scenery was behind Kade's door, it felt awfully familiar. I shook the thougths away and faced Kade.

I caught him staring, his mouth slightly parted and his eyes widened.

"What?" I asked him impatiently. He was taking quite a while to answer.

"What 'What?' ?!" he threw his arms on th air and paced back and forth with his hands on his waist.

"Do you have anything to say Kade? Spit it." he continued to look at me so I sat on the huge rock to rest.

"What was that Celestine? You're a wolf, are you not?" he pointed at me and made a horrific expression.

"I am a wolf Kade!" if we weren't so frustrated right now i'll be laughing at him hard.

"Then what was that?" I frowned and sighed

"What was what?"

"That! Witchcraft! Moving things or whatsoever! You're not supposed Do that! That!"

"Oh" is the only word I could mutter. Shit.

He made such amusing expression I started laughing.

"You dare laugh?!"

"Sorry, I....I don't know Kade, it just happened, I just woke up from a dream then...then i tried to do it.. And it just happened!"

"That's impossib-"

"I know Kade!" I said before he could argue with something I don't even know of and understand.

"My turn to ask,who were those witches Kade?" he paced back and fort he said "I......I don't know, I don't know who those witches were..... No one was around too.... I wonder if they're safe."

The worry was evident on his face and we remained in silence.

"Of course we are safe, child." a witched emerge from the tree as if she's one with it.

"Great Witch!" Kade ran towards her with pure delight

"You really did find her Kadenicus." she laughed and patted Kade's head

"Who? Her?" he pointed at me puzzled, the witch nodded her head and walked towards me.

"I'm guessing you're Celestine? Eldest child of Christoper and Carmiel Earl"she gave me a warm motherly smile.

"Yes." I slightly bowed my head to give respect, she knew my parents.

"I'm glad you're okay, but may I ask you a more personal thing?"

"Um....yes, what is it?" I answered warily.

"This is out of the blue but, have you found your mate?"

"Yes, I have."

"Has he marked you? or have you marked him?" she asked placing her hands together and looks as if she already knew the answer.

"N-no!" I feel my face getting warmer from the sudden question, come on now.

"That's great." her reaction almost seemed like she was thankful the marking hasn't been done yet, I furrowed my brow in confusion before asking her back.

"What's great?" I closed my eyes as I remember his face clearly, wanting me to run back to him and bury myself on his arms.

"I'm guessing Chris and Carmiel has never really explained things well." my eye immediately shot open to look at her.

"Explain what?" I was now in deep confusion and looked at her then at Kade back and fort.

"I'd rather not talk here Dear Celestine, I am inviting you to come with us, will you be so willing to go?" I got shocked for a moment, it is an honor to be welcomed by the Great Witch.

"Yes, it's an honor to be invited by the Great witch herself."

She showed me a small smile "Perfect."

"You didn't say you were honored when I invited you earlier!"

I rolled my eyes at him as The Great Witch walked forward, Kade and I followed behind.

A door wrapped in green smoke appeared as she motioned us to come, it opened and we were about to walk in but I was brought to halt when I heard a few people or should I say wolves sprinting towards our direction.

"Kadenicus.." I called him, his eyebrow rose up in question.

"Tell me this is not within a territory of a pack." he looked amused but it was soon replaced by shock.


Kadenicus! Really! I told him I ran away! My mate is an Alpha for goodness sake, he must have been informed or whatever.....oh....wait, I guess I never really told him my mate's an Alpha.

"Quick." I snapped out of it and ran towards the opened door.

"Wait! Our scents!" I know I've covered up, Kade altered his scent but we have to be sure.

I gathered a fair amount of water mixing it with the mud and trees before eventually spreading them everywhere. I ran back and went inside the door.

The Great Witch snapped her finger causing the door to vanish.

"Shit. You are crazy Kadenicus!" I said pointing at him

"Not as crazy as you!" we glared at each other like little kids before I eventually rolled my eyes and ignored him.

"You may go now Kadenicus." she dismissed him, he didn't question her and followed her orders.

"Welcome Celestine, have a seat." I guess this is her office, I wandered my eyes around, the office looked like her personal forest, wooden furnitures, plants, trust me I saw a bird flew, a bird within an office.

The shelf on the other said caught my attention, it has a lot of books, a lot. The sides were wrapped in green like stem with a few leaves tucking out, I looked back at her and saw her smiling.

" Witch we can talk here right?"a lot of things has been bothering me, I feel like she could help, I mean, you know.

"Yes, and just call me Aunt Rose." I nodded my head in agreement, Great Witch was indeed a lot to say.

"You sent Kade to find me? How did you know I would be on the city?" I remember her say 'You really found her Kadenicus' or something like that earlier.

"Yes, I sent him and we knew because of a...dream." I nodded my head, I knew what dreams meant for the witches, dreaming is definitely normal for the most but not for the witches, it symbolizes something.

"Where are my.....parents?" my heart started to beat fast and loud to my ears, I've waited for so long, I hope to see them soon.

She sighed "The last time I saw them, was a few days before your pack got attacked 5 years ago, I wish I knew where they are."

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