I WON! (Gamer)Crushx(Gamer)Reader

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Hola friends. In this one-shot you're an awesome gamer, but so is your crush. You're in 8th grade.

Your POV

I'm on my way to C/N's house, he finally got the newest version of "Call of Duty" and invited me over since he knew I was very fond of it.

I rode my bike down the street (almost running into a million things) and arrived at C/N's house. We hang out a lot since his house is really close by.

"Hey Y/N!!! How's life?!" C/N yelled, swinging his front door open as I rested my bike down on his porch.

"Hey, it's okay," I answered walking into the house and plopping down onto his couch.

"Oh, well today we're gonna make it awesome!" He closed the door behind me and sat next to me on the couch.

I went into his kitchen and got us some snacks and soda while C/N went to get the game set up. I came back with some pocky, Oreos, Doritos, ice cream, and a lot more.

"Y/N we should totally 1v1. I'll let you use any gun and gadget," C/N smirked.

I smiled back and grabbed a controller, "I'm so gonna beat you."

*Time Skip because I know almost nothing about this game*

There were snacks all over the ground, most of them opened. A lot of soda cans too...

"Y/N come out come out where ever you are," C/N said.

Even though we had the option to look at the other's screen we tried our hardest not to, in order to make the game more fun and interesting.

"DAMN IT!" C/N cursed as I sniped him.

While he was looking for me, I was hidden behind a rock and shot him from behind.


"3, 2, 1," the TV read, "Game over."

"I WONNNNNNNN. TAKE THAT C/N," I jumped up onto the couch and started dancing around while C/N just pouted.

Aww, he looks cute. Wait, focus Y/N, no mercy for the losers.

Suddenly I felt an arm wrap around my waist and pull me down. C/N snuggled his face into my neck as I fell onto his lap, his arms wrapped around me.


"Meanie," C/N mumbled. "You owe me a hug for being mean."

"Uh ok?" I felt my face burn as we stayed in that position.

"Y/NNNNNNNNN!" C/N's little cousin came by, pulling onto my hand.

"Oh hi! C/N didn't tell me you were here!" I exclaimed as I wiggled out of C/N's grasp.

That little boy is so cute! How can C/N have such a cute cousin!!! His laugh just makes me laugh along with him and the cute dimples that pop up make me want to squeeze his cheeks.

"Hey!" C/N yelled, as his little cousin pulled me outside.

We both giggled and I started playing tag with him.

"Meanie," C/N pouted.

He ended up joining us though. C/N was right, today was an awesome day.



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