Chapter 1: No chill

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*Last 2 months of school*

"Kayla wake up and get ready for school." My dad yelled as he came in to my room. "Mhmm." I mumbled.

He snatched the covers off of  me. "Lil girl if u don't wake ur ass up right now your ass gonna be walking to school."
He know damn well I'm not a morning person. "ughhh fuck .... Why u in my room without knocking anyways? What if I was changing or doing suming?" I yelled

He pursed his lips and tilted his head. "When do you ever wake up at 5:30 am? Exactly now u need to hurry up cause u got till 7 or da bus gonna leave ur ass. Oh and my wife is cooking downstairs and you ca-"

" bye dad." I closed the door behind him. That man always trying to be nosey. He always wanna know what I'm wear, who im fucking, and what I'm doing. I'm not five anymore Im 18 he needs to realize that.

I took a shower and did my hair and makeup . I decided to wear a pink crop top sweater, black tights, and my pink puma sneakers. I put my hair in a messy bun.

Looking in the mirror, I observed my body. I always wonder if I was skinny would boys be all over me, would they notice me, and not talk about me.

Feeling my cheeks getting wet, I realized I was crying for a good 10 mins. I fixed my make up, got my bookbag and put on my earplugs.

When I got on the bus, all eyes were on me. Damn I know I look yummy but have some manners. Finna stare a hole in my face.

As I walked to my seat, some girls were giggling, but I didn't care because they were built like some damn ant eaters.

I sat in the back listening to Real Hitta by Plies ft. Kodak Black. When we reached school, I went to the restroom to take selfies, as usual.

As soon as I stepped inside I noticed thing 1 & thing 2. Un-bothered, I walked past them bitches with no problem or hesitation.

I was posing taking tons of selfies. The sound of giggles caused me to turn around. Both of them were standing way to close. I was honesty not trying to end my school year on a bad note. Now was the perfect time to call on the man upstairs.

"God I know you see this. You know that I'll Molly wop their asses right here on this bathroom floor. God please give me strength to ignore these girls Amen." I prayed  internally.

"Can y'all explain why the hell y'all all up in my space. Is there a problem?" I questioned. "Awwee you think your cute with this outfit on sweetie.?" They laughed

"Baby I don't think, I know I look bomb as hell. Shit I look better than all of y'all. I actually look like something y'all sloppy body built asses ain't got nothing on me. You need to be mad at you mother for letting you out the house like that." If you had to depict disappointment they'd be it.

The ring leader scoffed." you can't be talking, because your ass in this crop top looking like whinny the pooh. You are to fat to be dressing like that. I bet your ass get stuck in those school chairs. I heard you want to be a stripper too. I found that ironic cause if you do be a stripper you would be too big to lift your fat ass up. You better off being a hoe or starving to death. Tell your bestie thanks 2. "

I grabbed her my her neck and knocked her head against her minion. "Disrespect me again and I'll make y'all both swallow y'all tongues. "Now take y'all dumb asses to class" I said looking in the mirror one more time before I leave.

I  became bottled up with anger, frustration, confusion and betrayal . My friend since 2nd grade, is talking about me behind my back. Best believe I got something for her ass. 

Even though I still want to be a stripper, that doesn't mean everyone is suppose to know. I got ass,thighs, 44D tits and a pudgy stomach. I look good as hell.

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