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        Welcome player 1, to the God Mode Activated: A theological study using video games specifically to demonstrate Biblical claims and concepts. Whether you are a current gamer or just fondly remember those gaming days that are too far away, this book is for you. 

I'll try my best to not stretch any scripture or idea beyond it's own natural limit and keep context in mind for every claim I make. I'll also try to be accurate to any video game lore I use as a reference. If I fail on either level, please let me know so I can make an update.

To be clear, I am coming from a non-denominational Christian perspective. It is my hope that the topics I discuss will not vary much, if at all, among the denominations. In fact, I believe that the commonality of core Christian beliefs will show the unity between the faiths. 

Enough of all this boring stuff. You came here for Super Mario, Sonic, and Zelda. Well turn on your console, your computer, or whatever you play on, blow in your retro cartridge if necessary, and let's get this game started.

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