Intro + Form (Contestant entries stop on 5th February 2018, judges at 10th Feb)

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I made something to encourage you! Watch this:

Finally, the day has come; it's the 4th of November - my birthday! Which means.. the second annual Anime Book Awards has begun!

If you participated last year, you're sure to know why this competition began. I wanted to give the writers of light novel and anime fanfiction [and anime graphic artists- new addition to this year's competition] a place to shine. If it meant they could earn some extra votes or readers with an award sticker on their cover, it was great to know we helped with that. And thus, the AnimeBookAwards account was created, to celebrate those of us in our community.

So, what are we going to begin with this year? The rules of course!

Well, just before we get into that, I urge all participants of last year and the winners/runner-ups of last year to participate again! You can even enter the same book (especially if it's been proofed/edited) which won an award! We'll have more judges and more time, which means we can accept more entries!

Anyhoo, I suggest everyone to do the following:

1. Read the book on this profile called 'Advice- in the Form of Rants'! This will help you see the preferences of the main judge (me) as well as seeing what will and won't get you through the preliminaries!

2. If you want to be a judge, don't fear! You can still compete! You just need to specify if you're a contestant and what genre you're competing in. Flip to the next chapter for that information! If you want to be a contestant as well, do not under any grounds, fill in the contestant form here. There will be a combined judge form on the next chapter.

3. Vote on this chapter as a sign of participation! We're trying to make this years much larger than the last, so it'd be cool to see how many contestants we'll get!

4. As obvious as it is, the book must be anime-themed, contain wuxia or heavily based/inspired by Japan or China. It's surprising how many people wouldn't follow this simple rule.

5. Mention your demographic and genres. If you don't know what they are, refer to the suggested book for the answer!

6. Be confident. Don't say you'll lose before you start. You can win!

7. Don't think you have the upper hand because you have more reads or votes! All books are equal in my eyes until I open them (unless the cover is that bad XD (We're not judging covers, so don't fear))!

8. No bullying. If I find you being rude, you will be punished. Your book will be removed from the competition, you will be reported and your book will be removed from the public reading list. If someone is bullying you and they are a contestant/judge, report it, show evidence and tag us.

9. You can only enter one book. Do not enter: books not in English, OC books (books filled with profiles of your OCs) or drawing books. This is a competition for stories only. You can now enter prequels, sequels and spin-offs of your other works. Choose your best anime-themed work!

10. Your book must have 3 or more parts to enter. Any books with less will be declined.

11. To enter, do the following:
A) Add the tag #ABA2018 to your story tags. It shows you're in this competition!
B) Tag 2 or more other users you think may be interested in joining, in the form.
C) Follow this account and EternalDawning. If you'd like to, you can also follow nyctopholia, who is yet another judge for the competition! It is not only is appreciation for who is reading your works, but mandatory to follow at least the first two accounts mentioned.
D) Fill in the form below.
E) Include an asterisk (*) to show that you've rear the rules. If you haven't, you won't be accepted!

. . .
Book title:
Series (only add if you are entering a fanfiction):
Demograpic (shoujo, shounen, josei or seinen):
Age rating:
. . .

Anyhoo, did anyone remember I mentioned preliminaries for this year? Well, it means we'll be scanning through your work's first chapter and assessing whether or not it is good enough to get in. So be sure to brush up on your first chapters!

Also new to this year- no voting system at all. I'm not kidding. The only people who'll be voting on your books will be me and the judges! We'll be announcing who got through each of the three rounds before we announce winners and runner-ups.

I'm gonna have a lot of reading to do... wish me luck!

 wish me luck!

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- Akemi

Graphic Artists, flip to the next chapter to see what's going on on your end~

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