AN; So far I've been getting lots of comments from you all saying you love my book and I'm happy that you enjoy it so much! If you like this book and it seems you all already love me as my character Savage your gonna like what happens in this chapter so beprepared for weird conversations! Enjoy!

Ch.27 PJ's?

"Why?" I asked as I looked toward my red headed friend who kept looking at the photos she caught of me and PJ talking after science class today.

Your probably wondering what's going on.(don't bother with the fourth wall it was shattered when the first chapter came out anyway including last chapter lol)

Well, as I've told you me and Savage have known each other for a long time now. We were practically family, and now that gang that attack us and Kai a week ago? Yeah...they check my house at night...every night. I've been forced to sleep over at Savages for most of the week. So I'm pretty sure you can guess what she insisted.

"Yeah why not? I mean yes, me and Wild will be living together. And that's kinda bad because I'm already a hand full myself, but we literally have three extra rooms. Me and wild  will have separate rooms. The extra will be for all of us to gather our stuff like video games, her instruments, your skate board. So all you have to do is choose which one of the rooms is yours." She claimed as I sighed.

"Hey it not like you can stay there." She said as I nodded.

I can't argue with that.

"Fine." I said randomly pointing to a room as she smiled.

"Great! Now the room can be more of a surprise!" She said as I raise any eyebrow at her, she just smiled.

There are too many meanings behind her
smiles, ugh!

She grabbed random things like paint brushes,paint, that a ruler...and many other stuff, what was she doing?

"I have two surprises for ya coming right up! How ever I'll need you to sleep over or hang out at PJ's." She said as I glanced at her with a unamused face.

"Really? Do you really see us as a...thing...that much?" I said as she nodded her head.

"Don't you see any chances of that?" She asked causing and image to pop in my head that I smacked away, great now my face is blue.

" I...I don't know, I'm not gay. Besides, even if I did like him he wouldn't see me as anything but a 'Nerd' anyway." I stated as I suddenly felt upset with my words. It didn't sound right and it hurt...why has my feelings be so bipolar? I'm usually that kind of kid that doesn't feel anything, because their just not happy or mad in any kind of way.

" When a person doesn't know how to explain their feelings often It's because they don't know how to admit it, your not gay yet and...umm, glob dang it where's that stupid-oh nevermind. If he only saw you as a Nerd than how come your the only one he's actually nice to?" She said.

"You said he stopped you from having your panic attack...He helped you in gym once, he's obviously hinting by his words he wants to know more about you. Don't you dare say he doesn't cause no one calls someone else their little project for no reason. If you ask me than all I have to say is that he isn't sure, but he knows he's attracted and interested in you in some way." She said as I looked at her dumb foundly.

"How do you know that?" I asked as she smirked.

"Learning from others Experience, and the fact that I'm not nosy but still observe others. I guess you can say the world's my teacher in these situations." She said gently pushing me to the door.

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