Chapter Twenty One

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-Ally's POV-

The minute my eyes opened in the morning I had a smile on my face.

Demi was humming quietly in my ear, her lips vibrating against my skin, sending warm chills through my bloodstream.

"Dems?" I muttered.


She stopped humming and rested her chin on my shoulder, keeping her arms secured around my waist.

"I didn't want the night to end," She said.

I turned over, not breaking her grip on me.

"Me neither," I sighed. "We still have this morning."

"You're right. It's not the same knowing it's almost over though," Demi protested.

"We can do it again," I offered.

"You'd be up for that?"

I nodded, leaning in to hint for a kiss.

Demi took my hint and leaned in as well, pressing our smooth lips together and moving them gently.

"When do you have to go?" She asked as we pulled away.

"Mia's picking me up at 12," I groaned.

Demi smiled weakly, and rolled over, on top of me, moving her face close to mine.

"That's two hours," She said.

I placed my hands on her lower hips, she put her elbows on either side of my head and began to make out with me.

She moved her way down to my neck, obviously leaving a dark mark.

"Demi," I moaned, taking her chin in my hand and pulling her back to my lips.

She finished off on my lips, leaving me breathless as she rolled over back onto the sheets.

"Let me know if it's ever too much," She added, "I get carried away sometimes."

I nodded and laughed slightly, still breathtaken by Demi's hot body on top of mine.

"Let's go," She suggested, bolting out of bed and racing me downstairs. "Breakfast?"

"Sure," I shrugged, "whatever you're having?"

Demi tossed me a small box of cereal swiftly, setting out two bowls and a carton of milk.

"I'm not one for a big breakfast," She said.

"Me neither."

We finished quickly, after loads of talking and joking around, Demi put me on her back and lifted me back to her room.

"What would your parents do if they found out?" She asked me.

"Probably just ground me for like three months. They won't find out but if they did," I pulled her close to me by her shoulders, "it was worth it."

I pressed my lips onto hers, not wanting to let go anytime soon.

"Ally," Demi paused. "If you keep kissing me we won't have time for anything else."

"What do you mean?" I asked, slightly blushing.

Demi walked over to her closet and answered, "get dressed, packed, and then we'll see what happens after that. Come on babe."

"Fine," I groaned, standing up.

I walked over to my bag and pulled out my clothes, not shy about changing in front of Demi.

"You're not shy eh?" She questioned me.

I paced over to her, pulling my shirt over my head.

"Not in front of you, no," I smirked.

I changed into a tight grey t shirt, black leggings, and stole one of Demi's flannel shirts to top it.

"You look fab," Demi mocked.

"So do you," I said, laughing.

I looked her up and down.

She wore leggings as well, with a long purple t shirt over it, her long brown hair falling over it.

"What time is it?"

"11:30," Demi sighed.

I sighed as well, pulling on her hand and playing with her bracelets.

"I really like your tattoos," I commented.

"The stay strong ones?" She asked, her voice flat.

I shook my head, staring at her arms. "No. The birds. They're beautiful."

Demi smiled, lighting me up, and blushed while looking to the ground.

"Everyone talks about my stay strong tattoos. It gets boring."

"I like those," I shrugged. "But the birds are amazing. Your tattoos really reflect you."

Demi hugged me, I left my chin on her shoulder, indicating that I didn't want to let go.

"I like it when someone recognizes the small things like that, you know? Not just your facial features," Demi explained. "The smaller things."

"So do I," I agreed. "I like noticing those in other people. It's what really shapes them."

"And what shapes me?"

I paused to think.

"Your caring, and thoughtful. Not at all selfish but you keep your own needs in mind, I love that. You notice details about everything, and you have a positive attitude towards everyone no matter the situation. I really admire that."

Demi gushed, "I didn't know someone actually liked me enough to realize all those things. You just got really deep."

I laughed, "you asked for it."

It was that moment that I knew I had truly fallen for Demi.

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