15~The Old's new date

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^^^Marie-Anne's outfit^^^

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^^^Marie-Anne's outfit^^^

Marie-Anne's POV

"Marie, I'm leaving for work," Esther says entering my room, "you're going somewhere?" She asks when she sees me standing in the mirror looking at my reflection. I look at the black dress that stopped just above my knee. The dress held onto my upper body flowing down after my waist.

"Yes, I have a date," I say turning to look at her. She raises her eyebrows taking a seat on my bed. Didn't she say she was leaving for work? She is already dressed in her scrubs, ready for a night of terror in the ER.

"Tyler?" She asks. I shake my head no and a huge smile forms on her face. I don't know why she hates Tyler so much when she barely knows him. Tyler's not the best, but he is a good guy. "Finally something good," she says.

"Whatever," I say rolling my eyes at her.

"Who's the guy?" She asks.

"Dylan," I say taking a seat next to her, "down or up?" I ask her referring to my hair.

"Down," she says. She looks at her phone for the time," I really have to get going," she says getting off the bed "and you look beautiful," she says leaving my room. Sometimes, I wish it was back to old times where she would have spent the whole time teasing me about the date and telling me I shouldn't wear something.

Life has changed, I am barely home because of work and I am gone all day while she, on the other hand, is gone all night most of the time. I put some flats on, walk to the kitchen to grab myself a drink, I then walk to the bathroom to freshen up. My phone rings in my room and I rush to get in to see that it is Tyler, "Hey Ty," I say answering the phone.

"Hey Anne," he says over the phone, "who's the judge to Mr. Young's case?" He asks. Here, I thought we were having a social call.

"Judge Muller, why?" I ask walking to the door once I heard a knock there.

"Can you tell him to rescue himself from the case?" He asks as I open the door. I mouth a 'Hi' to Dylan as I wave to him.

"Why?" I ask him.

"Tell him personal reasons, he'll understand," he says.

"Who are you talking to?" Dylan asks as he enters.

"No one," I answer back even though I am on the phone talking to someone.

"Where are you?" Tyler asks over the phone. "You busy?"

"Home," I say, "I'm kind of busy trying to do some research, can I call you later or tomorrow?" I ask. Dylan looks at me shaking his head because of my lie.

"Yeah, sure," Tyler says, "bye," I hang up the phone looking at Dylan.

"Let me guess, Tyler?" He asks. "You were always such a bad liar, I can't believe he can't see through that. Your voice goes up like five octaves whenever you lie," he says.

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