Ch 2 What have I gotten myself into?

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After lunch, Mandy was pretty much ignoring me. Even though I had only known her for a few hours, it hurt that she never really wanted to be my friend. With only three classes left, I slowly made my way back to my locker to leave my backpack and books and go to gym class.

15 minutes later

"AHHHH!" I screamed angrily. I was now ten minutes late for gym class and my hopes for eventually finding the gym were quickly diminishing. I was ready to head back to my locker when I heard laughter coming from the courtyard.

I quietly entered the courtyard, scanning my surroundings, hoping to find someone to help me. As I was about to give up, I heard the laughter again. I walked around the corner and froze.

The devil himself aka Cole Mathews, the asshole with anger issues.

Cole and three other guys stood leaning against the wall of the building, smoking and joking around. I was going to just go back into school without being noticed, but because of my stealthy ninja skills, I ended up falling on my ass after tripping over a rock- no, a clump of grass. Leave it to Christina Fellows to trip over a clump of freaking grass.

"You nosy little bitch."

My face heated up as I stood. "Oh shut up Cole, I was just looking for someone to help me."

"Well baby, how can I be of service? I can help with anything. Anything." One of Cole's friends suggested with a wink.

"Gross Ian. How desperate are you for a STD." Cole sneered.

Now I was officially pissed off. "Cole I don't have a fucking STD! You are such an asshole." Cole narrowed his eyes and growled at me. Growled. Yep, looks like someone has a bad case of anger management.

"Bitch, back off."

"You started this!" I snapped. By now I was shaking a little, but not from anger, from fear. The look Cole gave me was deadly.

"Whatever bitch. Get your STD ass out of here." He said threateningly, taking a step forward, towards me.

"I DON'T HAVE AN STD! I've never even-" I paused.

Oh shit.

Cole's eyes widened before he and his friends burst out laughing. In my embarrassment. I quickly left the courtyard, the sounds of their laughter taunting me.

20 minutes later

I give up.

I bet there actually isn't a gym in this stupid school. Come to think of it, I don't think I even have gym anymore. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be in Biology right now. I sighed, frustrated.

"Hey do you need any help?"

I looked up to see a tall, gorgeous girl in front of me.

"Oh, um, yeah do you know where the Biology room is?" I asked nervously.

"Are you in Mr. Kelly's class? Just take a left then a right at the end of the hallway." She stated with a smile. Mr. Kelly? I had no idea who my teacher was.

"Thanks so much. I should go now." I mumbled as I walked around her.

"Nice to meet you!" She called out before walking away. Hmm, I didn't even know her name. Whatever.

I followed her instructions. I'm sure I followed them exactly! Take a right then a left. Or was is take a left then another left?

I groaned. This was way too confusing. I decided to head back to my locker, maybe I would be able to go to my last class. Now, how do I get back to my locker?

10 minutes later

I dragged my feet across the tiled hallway. I swear to the dear lord, if I don't find my locker in a minute, I will go crazy.

One minute I was walking, then I was pressed up against a locker. Without hesitation, I threw a punch to where I assumed my attacker's face was. Instead of making contact with his or her face, a large hand enveloped my fist. Definitely a guy.

"Feisty.. I like it."

"Cole!" I screamed. I started struggling. Within a matter of seconds I my arms pinned to above my head with only one of his arms, holding them still. He was literally pressed up on me. I couldn't move for the life of me.

"So virgin bitch.." He whispered, smirking.

"C-Cole. Get off of me." I begged, "You're hurting me." I whimpered a little. Cole looked startled and backed up only a bit. I took advantage of his confusion and kneed him in his "special" place.

"Ahhh!" He screamed as his fell to the ground in pain. The next look he gave me made me turn and run. I sprinted down the hallway.

"Get her!" Cole bellowed. Soon I could hear footsteps behind me. Sure enough, I was pinned up against a locker by one of Cole's friends-- Ian I think.

Immediately I started thrashing around to escape his death grip. As I was about to give up, Cole and his two other friends turned the corner, heading towers me and Ian. My struggles increased and I managed to escape.

Three steps.

That's all I took before realizing I there were no exits. I was freaking trapped.

Dark chuckling tore me away from my thoughts, and I slowly turned around. I gulped loudly, fear evident on my face.

Smirking, Cole pushed himself off the wall he was leaning on and took a couple of steps in my direction. After about a minute of just staring straight into my eyes, he finally spoke.

"Well boys, why don't we teach this little virgin bitch a lesson?"

Oh shit.


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