Chapter 21: Keep Holding On

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Finn and Rachel arrived at his apartment, which Rachel adored soo much that she could stay in her for the rest of her life. Its just so beautiful, seriously. Never thought, apartments in cow town Lima, Ohio, has this fancy looking apartment.

Rachel was to tired to walk. So Finn insisted to carry her. She wrap her legs around his waist, arms around his neck, resting her head in his shoulder. Finn would have to get her bags in later. 

When he unlocked his apartment. He feel warm kisses on his neck. He instantly know what it is.

"Make love to me Finn" Her voice was crazy and full of depression. He didn't want to hurt her feelings, so he just agreed with it. The bags can wait.

After they were done, making love to one another. She keeps sobbing. He didn't know why, but his really mad at what happen. Who made her cry?. He knew she's really fragile, it still scared him when he carry her, he would drop her. 

"I love you Rachel, I would never let anyone hurt you again" Finn said stroking her hair to sleep.


Rachel woke up feeling dizzy. She gagged and knew that its just her morning sickness acting up again. She quickly got up from bed and went to the bathroom, didn't know shes naked. She didn't know what had happened last night, but she's pretty sure Finn took good care of her. 

Finn woke up by the sound of someone throwing up. He shoot up on the bed and went to the bathroom to help his girlfriend. He grab her hair from her face and drag it in the back. He softly pat her back.

"I'm so sorry, i did this to you" Finn said guiltily.

"Its not your fault Finn, its ok" Rachel reassured.

"I just love you soo much, it hurts to see you like this" Finn said looking at her worriedly. Rachel forced a smile. 

"Did I pack things yesterday?" She asked not remembering what happen, because her huge headache is blocking her memories from last night. The only thing she remembered is the fight that she and her dad had.

"Oh right, I forgot to get them last night, you kind of distracted me" Finn said smiled shyly 

"Sorry?" She doesn't know if she's supposed to say sorry or not.

"Oh, you don't have to say sorry, more like thank you" Finn smirked. Rachel memories clicked of what happened last night. 


"Rachel hurry up" Finn shouted from the living room. It was the day of the sonogram of their baby. Finn was really excited and a little nervous. Rachel took to long to change.

"Im here, Im here, geez" Rachel said with a chuckled. "I think you're more excited than me about this" She smirked. Finn just smiled and put his hand on her back and lead her to the door. 


Both of them arrived at the hospital. Finn and Rachel were waiting in the waiting room. 

"Can you stop shaking" Rachel said glaring at him. He was shaking while smiling at thesame time.

"I can't help it" Finn said still smiling like an idiot.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hudson?" The doctor's assistant called. Finn and Rachel looked at each other. When Rachel's about to protest. Finn interrupted her.

"Great" Finn said. Walking towards the pregnancy check up room with Rachel behind.

They both entered the room. They were posters everywhere, and a poster that Rachel love. Its a baby girl sleeping in a crib. Finn looked at her lovingly, while she looked at the picture.

"Hello Rachel, didn't know you got married" Rachel's doctor said looking at Finn. 

"Oh his not my husband, his my boyfriend" Rachel said with a smile. Finn nodded with agreement.

"So, hows your dad?" Her doctor said getting ready. Rachel's eyes began to blurry. Finn looked at her.

"Ahmmm. sir can you not talk about it ,please?" Finn begged. It hurts to see her cry. The doctor nodded.

"Ok, ready?,,you can change in to this" The doctor said pulling out a robe. Rachel nodded and went to the change room.

Minutes Later. Rachel came out with a robe. She lay down, spread her legs as the doctor said. Finn's eyes went wide. He was about to protest, but then Rachel's giving him this look. So he tried himself to calm down. 

"Ok, this might be cold" The doctor said before, putting gel in her baby bump. Rachel shivers, because its fucking cold. "Oh there it is" The doctor pointed to the screen. Everyone in the room can hear the heartbeat. 

"What is that?" Finn asked innocently. He like it, but he doesn't know where it come from.

"Its your baby's heartbeat Mr. Hudson" The doctor said smiling. Finn began to tear up. That's their baby's heartbeats?. "How many pictures, would you like?" The doctor asked looking at both couple who has tears in their eyes, looking at the screen. He cleaned Rachel stomach, and the camera inside her.

"5 please" Finn answered. The doctor nodded and went out. Suddenly Finn sob in Rachel's chest. 

"Hey what's wrong" Rachel asked running her fingers through his hair while he sob in her chest. Finn shook his head and look up, and kiss her.

"I love you soo much" Finn said tearfully. Rachel smiled.

"Love you too" Rachel said. 

They both heard the door opened again. 

"Here you go" The doctor said giving them the sonogram. "Have a great day both of you" They both nodded and head out.

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