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For now, it was not just her to had to readjust to the new world.

It took the Jace revealing himself for Simon to realise that the two sisters were not making everything up. However, revealing himself to Simon probably was not a good idea as Clary encouraged Jace to allow Simon into the building. So much so for keeping it quiet and not allowing any outsiders knowledge of the building.

Simon's reactions to all of the situations were what kept Evie interested. She thought it was a bad idea to bring Simon into this world. He should be back at home safe with his mum and sister enjoying teenage life, falling in love and having a family. Evie had a looming feeling that this wasn't possible in this world and that bringing Simon into it would ruin his life before it had properly begun. 

"Buddy, what's going on man? I'm not your type man" Simon always seemed to be the one to identify that was out of place. But that comment was uncalled for. Clary ran Simon through what was happening at this moment in time. Well, what she assumed was happening at the time. 

"It's sort of our thing"

"Our thing, me you and Jace? Sounds kinda intimate." Evie shot back. Taking slight offence that her sister would just assume that she was down with doing whatever it was. Yes, Clary normally thought and spoke on behalf of both sisters yet they hadn't spoken about anything. Deep down Evie may not have wanted to stay or do anything. This was not the case but she was slowly getting annoyed with the fact that once again she was being spoken for. 

It was then that the two Lightwood siblings walked down the staircase and into the hallway. Evie couldn't help but stare at Isabelle as she walked down the stairs. Evie had barely known the girl for a day yet she found herself ridiculously attracted to the girl. She had no clue whether she was older or younger than herself or anything else like her favourite colour. But it was something that Evie was ready to spend the time finding out. 

Before she knew it Clary had grasped Evie's hand in her own and was dragging her down towards the training room. Jace following afterwards.Evie had no idea as to why now Clary thought it would be the best time to learn to fight. Simon had only just been brought into this world moments ago. Rather than sitting there going through it where perhaps she could learn a bit more about this world, she wanted to fight. 

Evie was not completely against it. She loved a good fight every now and again. Whilst her sister had fallen in love with the arts she had fallen in love with fighting. She had taken Tae Kwon-Do from a young age and had recently started boxing along with training using a variety of weapons. It would be nice to go against Clary. Evie had so many pent up frustrations against her sister that the best way to take it out would be a fight.

The two had barely begun to fight when another man walked through the door. Evie was throwing a well-aimed turning kick to the side of Clary's head when the man barged through the door. She abruptly stopped the kick holding it mid air just inches from Clary's face. This man was relatively tall with blonde hair and a matching beard. Upon his neck was a strange circular mark that she had never seen on another Shadowhunter, well the few that she had seen. 

"That's Hodge Starkweather, our weapons trainer" Hodge then went into the process of explaining the uprising of the circle. The Circle was a group of shadowhunters lead by Valentine who was an evil man that thought of himself as the most superior and wanted to change the balance of the world in the most vicious way. Each time Hodge spoke it pained him. Despite begging from all three young adults he did not stop complaining proceeding to share enough of the history of the Shadowhunters that both Frays were able to understand more about the world they were now apart of and the repercussion that the actions of their mother and her friends. 

Hodge was adamant that the two were to know that their mother was against what the circle had become and was one of the good guys. Evie did not need informing that her mother was one of the good guys she knew it deep down. Angering Valentine seemed like something her mother would do and hiding the mortal cup to stop what the circle was doing also seemed like her mother. She had no doubt that her mother left the circle as soon as possible once she began to understand the dark side of what they were doing.

"I never knew my mother" Evie couldn't help but feel sadness for Jace. A mother's love is never something which should be withheld from a person. Sure she had no real memories of her father whoever he was yet she had Luke. There had been occasions where she had even called Luke 'Dad'. In Evie's opinion, everyone should receive the love, care and attention that is provided by two parental figures in their lives where possible. Sure single parents could raise children extremely well, look at what her mother did but having two parental figures is always easier especially for those figures. 

Jace then soon turned on Clary demanding that she knew of more information than what she was letting on. After Clary argued that she had a memory blank Jace turned towards Evie.

"You seem to know more about this world than your sister so tell me that you know something about your past"

"I'm sorry Jace but my memory is as dark, I may have small flashes of memory but I know nothing else than those our mum talked to me beforehand about this world." Evie stared Jace down as a way of showing him that she was being true. After all what kind person would purposely lie about losing their memories. 

After deciding that they would hunt out Dot who was as Evie thought a Warlock the girls gathered in Isabelle's room to get ready as what you wear around the institute should never be worn outside.

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