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Evie had eventually found the place where they had Clary. Her sister lay in a hospital bed in the middle of a room. It was shaped like a hospital room but was quite. Her sister lay on the bed in her current clothes which had holes torn into them. Her red hair was fanned on the pillow and she looked almost angelic. The sweating had gone down and the place where she was struck has healed. Instead of it being normal it was replaced with a tag. Clary was definitely not going to be happy. 

However, Evie let out a breath she was unaware she was holding at the sight of her sister being okay. The concern she felt was soon replaced by exhaustion. She had no clue what time it was yet knew she been up way too long. Fatigue was never fun. She could see no one in sight and did not want to go find someone to see if they had somewhere she could crash. Part of her did not want to leave her sister's side. Therefore, she laid on her side next to her sister's sleeping form and found herself asleep within moments. 

Maybe it was a twin thing or perhaps she could sense the other people in the room. Whatever reason it was Evie found herself awakening at the same time her sister was. She felt alarmed that they were suddenly in the company of other people but also still way too tired to rush the waking up process. If she had the option she would have slept again. 

It perhaps took a minute for her to come around but when she had fully opened her eyes and had become aware of her surroundings it was then she started to take full notice of the three silhouettes that stood in the room.

On the bed sat an incredibly beautiful girl. Looking at her face made Evie's heart race. She had perfectly sculptured features and dark eyes. She didn't know how long she was staring but at some point during this time she had made the connection that the girl sat in front of her was the same one who was platinum blonde at the club the night previous. Just like she had thought Evie so had a thing for brunettes. The girl who was more like a goddess had as much skin on show as she possibly could which was a thing that Evie appreciated deeply. 

"I'm Isabelle" What a perfect name for a perfect person. There were so many nicknames she could come up with yet Isabelle seemed to suit her perfectly. And such a perfect name should never be tarnished. 

She only half paid attention to the rest of their conversation which soon lead into an argument as she studied the other people in the room. She recognised the blonde from beforehand. Jace. The other was tall and muscular with dark brown hair and contrasting blue eyes. Sure had she been straight she could feel attracted to this boy. However, something in the way he stood and acted seemed off almost as if he was constantly trying to fight or hide something from everyone else. He was too tense for Evie's liking and something which she hoped she could see a change in. She could also see the family resemblance between the boy she learnt was named Alec and Isabelle, both look like they could be gods.

The two siblings soon left leaving the Fray sisters and Jace alone. Jace attempted to explain to Clary what everything was going on in the world that she had no clue about. Evie could see that this explanation was also aimed at her though she was not as clueless as her sister she just had more to learn and to understand. Clary's phone rang interrupting the conversation.

Simon's name flashed up on the caller ID. Evie could not hear what he was saying yet she knew he was not impressed with their current whereabouts. Well, Clary's whereabouts she was not certain he knew she too was here. She enjoyed watching Clary fumble over an explanation as to where she was yet, to be honest, Evie actually had no clue. There hadn't been a proper explanation as to what this place was and why everyone who walked through could be considered models.

Whilst Clary was on the phone Evie studied herself. No doubt sleeping in her makeup meant that it had smudged and was not pleasant to look at. Yesterday's clothing was covered in some form of dust or dirt from the encounter with the fake dot. There also was a rip in the side of her jacket. She also smelt.

She turned towards Jace ready to fire her question at him. Though it seemed as though he had prepared for the question or guessed what she was going to ask.

"Isabelle left you both these" There were two piles. The only problem one contained a skirt and the other a pair of jeans. Clary practically jumped on the pile containing the jeans and Evie was more happy with the skirt.

She headed into what was pressumed to be a bathroom. There was one shower which Evie claimed almost instantly. Once showered she felt better. Cleaner as if she washed away the mayhem of the night previous. By the time she had finished showering Clary was dressed and gone. Once out she pulled on the clothing provided. She had been given a new pair of underwear but gathered her bra from the night before would have to do as there was not one in the pile. She pulled on the skirt finding out that it was a skort with a pair of shorts underneath as the skirt on top only covered 3/4 of the shorts underneath. She then pulled on the white blouse leaving the top two buttons undone and the black denim jacket. She found a pair of black trainer socks which she put on before the swede creepers. Clary had left a hairbrush and bottle of deodorant. Pulling the hairbrush through her wet hair took its time but she eventually left the bathroom.

Only to find that Jace and Clary had gone from the room. That was when she started to wander through the building again until she found the door she came through the first time. Outside she could hear an argument. That was when she opened the door to see Clary in between what could be considered world war three. A boy on each side. Aren't love triangles cute? 

That was when everyone turned to look at Evie.

"Evie come with me please, I'll help you find your mum just don't stay with these strangers"

"Simon you should know by now, wherever Clary goes I go"

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