chapter 1

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Justice and cassandra were made by a dear friend KellinBrake thomas (character above) and the ship were drawn by and created by AruSilver these two are the best friends someone can ask for on with the story.

Heavy breathing and the sound of footsteps were heard throughout the long corridor. "Kade stop running and face trial!" A man in a uniform that consisted of a bulletproof vest and a blue guard uniform underneath shouted chasing the black haired man now known as Kade. "No. I joined the syndicate to help keep time safe not change for more power!" Kade shouted back now increasing his speed. The loud alarms and red flashing lights that ran through the corridor made Kade nervous. How did this happen? He thought to himself. "Seal all cargo bay doors now!" Kade's eyes widened as he heard the man yell behind him. "I'm not gonna make it." Kade said to himself as he watched the door in front of him starting to close. He looked behind him, the guard still chased him furiously. Kade prayed in his mind as he then aimed to slide under the door quickly before the door closed. "Kade i'm opening the door to the docking bay get there, me and Thomas will be waiting for you at his ship" a woman said through Kade's earpiece. "Thanks Lola" Kade said still running. As Kade kept running more guards came from behind him. "Kade come back here!" the same guard yelled as more guards appeared in front of Kade. "No" Kade simply said turning into smoke and flying past the guards blocking his way. "Kade get on and let's go" Lola, a 19 year old Japanese woman, yelled from the ship. "What's taking so long" Thomas, a 19 year old male with dark purple hair, yelled. "Let's go" Kade yelled jumping in the ship. Thomas ran to his seat and Lola took hers so they could pilot the ship. "Take us out of here chewie" Thomas said as they left the docking bay and out into space. "Ever call me chewie again and I'll destroy this ship while you're asleep" Lola said going to Kade's room to discuss the plan.

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