Im sorry :'(

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See, i know i was suppost to, and i said i would, and promised!... to go back to writing (or start sence i havent posted (absolute) shit! yet) buuut...

Things got in the way

Now first yes, some of it was/is that im just being lazy, and not feeling actually kick my lazy ass into being productive.. because im lazy lol XD

But before you leave, and before you go kick MY ass and/or yell at me haha XD

then i actually do have some real reasons or 'excuses' for not writing like i said i would.

Annnnd i feel bad for not doing it, expecially now that i kinda promised i would do it!

But anyway, the resons why i havent been writing is: (starting with the pathetic (most) excuses to the 'actual excuses' XD)

1: lazyness + being 'busy' READING fanfics XD

2: I forgot. I simply also forgot to do it - what i mean is that the thoughts/debates about writing, and weather i shouls write or not, wasent there because i wasnt thinking about it, because i forgot XD

3: Ive been a bit busy kind of - ive a busy week (and more is to come *sigh* -_-) - first, 2 weeks ago i was on a vacay in a cabin with my parent, my sis, and her bf, for a week.

after that. i get home, have to pack again because next day i was on summer camp (again for a week) (which was last week) - and I WAS thinking about writing an a/n before i was going but again... i forgot, or thought that it wasnt neccesary and i would do it afterwards XD

anyway back to the busy stuff ive been busy with ;P XD

as i said ive been on vacaytion (with meh fam ;p XD) AND on summercamp for a week just having fun and doing stuff with some people and some of my old friends there (the very next day i come home for vacay!)

4: Now (for future things -_-) next week i or more like this week, on sunday im starting on a new school (yes a new school, i dropped out of elementary school before 9th grade because i hated it there -_- :'( )

Its a speciel school for kids with problems (Not Matt Watson tho hahaha *inset lenny face here* ;P XD) like ADHD (with i have) ADD, and autism and stuff, but there's also "Normal" people without disorders, but problems like, with math, english, stuff like that.

The school im going to, is like a '24/7 school' or 24/5 if you want, so yes im going to sleep there, which leads to my next problem...

5: Now, when im going to a whole new school, ive never been to before (only visited it like, twice ;p XD) and even going to sleep there i probably wont get much time to write and stuff so chapter are probably gonna be real late in the making/posting... :'(

BUT! i think im will finally pulish the first chapter of my darkiplier fanfic before i start on my new school. But i wont promise anything in case that i dont do it or dont have time, sense i have to get the last things prepared and done before sunday, so im a little under pressure soo. :-)

But if i have time, i will most likely publish it, sense i have promised that i would before, and have for a long time now, and i feel like i owe you guys that <3

I think that was everything. (*talks to herself in a low voice* "god i promised myself i would try to make this as short as possible" but really i think this is the shortest one yet (the shortest a/n yet hihihi XD)

Anyway so i hope that you arent too mad or pissed at me rn, and that we can still be friends ;P XD <3

Bye Lovelies <3

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