Chapter 17

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Angel's POV

And when I looked up I saw...

...a waiter.

Yup, there was a waiter.

But the thing was that the waiter was staring at me.

And the fact didn't go unnoticed by the twins because they began growling at him. I knew that we were surrounded mostly by humans so I didn't want them to cause a scene. I took a hold of their hands and rubbed them with my thumbs, trying to calm them with my touch. It didn't seem to work much, so I had to think of something better to do.

Okay... I hope this works.

I kissed both their necks and they stiffened, then turned their heads towards me that fast I was surprised their heads didn't make a 360 turn on their necks with the force.

They just stared at me while I was looking like a deer caught in headlights and was quickly turning scarlet from the embarrassment.

Quickly regaining my composure, I ordered for us and the waiter looked to be in a daze as he listened to me. When I finished, he just stood there and I rose an eyebrow in question in which he scurried off fearfully. I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion but then I looked at the twins and saw that they were glaring daggers at the poor waiter and that was an answer enough for me.

Our order came quickly and I finally got to eat pizza after so long!! The twins for some reason insisted on feeding me and I let them.

"So... how many dates have you guys been to before?" I asked curiously. I knew I would be jealous but... okay I have no idea why I asked it. Mental sigh.


They were quickly turning red and I thought: have they been to so many dates that they don't even remember how many? Okay, that thought hurt.


Wait what?


They looked at me and I could see embarrassment and honesty in their eyes.

"What about you? How many males have had the chance to take you out?"

Now it was my turn to turn red but why shouldn't I be honest when they were?

"No one."

That barely came out, so I doubt they heard me but by looking at their happily bright faces I could tell that they did.

I was a little more confident, so I decided to ask a little more.

"How about your first kiss?"

They stilled and looked at me. Then each other. Then me again.

"That's rather embarrassing."

"We would rather not tell."

"Pleeeease, then I will tell you mine."

I could see the conflict in them. Not wanting to tell their own but wanting to know more about their mate. The second one won of course.


A large intake of breath.

"We have never kissed anyone."

I just stared at them in disbelief. They? Have never kissed? Anyone? At all?? But they-

"Now you have to tell yours Angel."


I hesitated, not really sure if I should do it or not.

"Angel." It was the same warning tone they used on Chris the other day in the office.

I bit into my lower lip, still hesitating. Then deciding that I will do it, I leaned a little closer to Xavier who was unnoticeably also leaning a little closer to me.

I carefully pressed my trembling lips to his once we were close enough to each other and he immediately responded, pressing his lips onto mine more firmly. Our lips moved together and his hand came and held the back of my head to keep me in place. My hands traveled to his hair and my fingers combed through it, pulling it in places. He groaned softly into my mouth at the pulling which I responded to with a soft little moan of my own.

After some time the need to breath grew stronger until I had to pull us apart so that I wouldn't pass out from the lack of air. I opened my eyes to look into his and saw admiration, love and desire so strong that it made it hard for me to catch my breath after that kiss.

"That first kiss was amazing, babygirl, but it doesn't mean you don't have to answer the question. Now who was it? Who was your first kiss?" With every word Xavier's lips would brush against mine softly like a feather.

I smiled and pecked his lips softly before answering.


To say they were surprised would be an understatement.

"You mean no one has kissed you before Xavier?"

I smiled and shook my head in response.

They hugged me to themselves and nuzzled my neck and this time it wasn't because they were mad and needed calming down. This time they were so very happy with how the things had turned out. I was only theirs and would only be touched and caressed by them. Nobody else would and nobody else could.

The food was long forgotten on the table and had probably already gone cold but neither of us cared about that. We cared only about each other.

And then the waiter just had to come and ruin it all.

"Would you like anything else?"

The twins' sharp 'no' made him almost tumble over his own legs in his hurry to get away.

I only chuckled at the twins and they grinned at me like little boys who had been caught stealing cookies. The strands of hair that fell onto their foreheads made them look even more boyish.

"Shall we go home?"

"No, we have one more place to go."

"We do?"

"Of course. Did you think that we would only bring you to a restaurant on our very first date ever?"

"I don't know..."

They looked at me appalled but said nothing when I just grinned at them.

They paid for our meal and we finally left the restaurant, getting in the car.
This time it was Xavier who was driving and me and Xander were sitting in the back, me on his lap while he ran his fingers through my hair that was still in a ponytail. He carefully took the rubber band out of my hair so that my hair fell down in waves. He pushed a loose strand behind my ear and kissed the tip of my nose.

I turned my head up a little so that our lips fell together. It was perfect just like the kiss with Xavier was. I held onto his shoulders while one of his hands was around my waist holding me close to him and his other hand was behind my neck, stopping me from moving away and to move my head a little to get a better angle. His lips moved against mine more roughly than Xavier's did but it was pleasurable all the same. Our lips moved in sync with a desire so strong that it was otherworldly.

We both pulled away, panting for air as we smiled at each other. He rested our foreheads together and closed his eyes, rubbing his nose against mine.

When he finally got his breath back, he pulled our foreheads apart and looked at me.

"I'm glad we decided to leave our first everything's for our mate."

"I'm glad too."

Then realizing that I was tired, I snuggled into his chest as his arms tightened around me and fell into darkness while we drove.

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