The Makeover [17]

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The Makeover

“Shopping is a woman thing. It's a contact sport like football. Women enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds, the danger of being trampled to death, and the ecstasy of the purchase.”  ― Erma Bombeck

                                      Rosalie Johnson

"Don't start with me, Rosalie," Amber said in a warning tone and I grimaced. Sadly, we were currently doing the one thing that Amber loved and that was shopping. I swear she was more into this than I was and I was probably right. Amber was into anything that was fashionable and meant spending her step-dad's money.

For a moment, Amber glared at me before turning to the racks behind her. She quickly sifted through them and pulled out a bunch of shirts and tank tops. Uhm, tank tops? It was still winter, not summer. 

"Here, hold this," she said as she handed me the pile stuff and moved down to a different section of clothes. 

"Uh, do we really need to do this?" I questioned for the millionth time today and Amber ignored me. I was just happy that my mother wasn't here though. She would be ten times worse than Amber, but luckily she wasn't feeling well enough to get out of bed. 

"Hm, I think pink looks the best on you," Amber stated as she held up a shirt to me and I gagged. Pink? On me? Seriously, that was one my least favourite colours. 

"Ohh, this is pretty," Amber exclaimed as she pulled out a shirt that was decent and would have looked nice ... If it wasn't such a bright pink. 

"No," I said instantly and Amber frowned as she looked from me to the shirt.

"What's wrong with it?" She questioned as she placed her hands on her hips.

"It's pink," I hissed as I grabbed the shirt from her and placed it back on the rack. Amber huffed and walked to a different part of the store. 

"Okay, fine. No pink," Amber said after a moment of searching. 

"Thank goodness," I said under my breath and Amber raised an eyebrow. 

"How about this?" Amber said turning around with a black sweater with a faded tiger on it. It really was nice and I actually considered taking it until I saw a flash of the price tag.

"Holy― twenty dollars?!" I exclaimed as I looked at it with wide eyes. Why was it so expensive?

"Yeah, so?" Amber said confused and I shook my head. I walked to the nearest table with clothes and placed the clothes in my hands down on it. Sifting through the pile, I realized most of the shirts that Amber picked up were expensive.

"How much money do you think I have?" I asked bewildered as I looked at Amber with wide eyes. She shrugged as she gave me a sheepish look.

"A lot?" She said hesitantly and I rolled my eyes. Taking out the shirts that were absolutely out of my budget, I handed them back to her. "Put those back," I demanded and her eyes widened. 

"What? No!" She protested, but I wasn't having any of it. 

"Take it back, Amber," I said. 

"Fiine. You're such a party pooper," she pouted as she walked off.

"Rosalie?" Turning around at the sound of a familiar of voice, I came face to face with my old crush. 

"Damien? Hey," I said smiling as I picked up the rest of the clothes. 

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