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And there you have it, Dead Ice.

If this is where you've chosen to begin, then that's awesome! This is bonus content. It's nice when people read bonus content.

Originally, I wrote Dead Ice as 2013 was becoming 2014. It was written out of frustration at WattPad, because they had suddenly instituted this stupid fucking new M Rated policy. (I still hate it, and I wish they'd stop caving to easily-offended people or, at the very least, find some other way to divvy up the site.) It was a bit more rambling and incoherent in its original form, and yet ironically it was a few thousand words shorter.

In May of 2014 I decided to rewrite it. I'd been ruminating on it and realized that I could do a way better job. This was the version I wrote. It cut out a few extra characters that were totally useless and also an extra sequence where they went back to the other outpost again unnecessarily. I far more prefer this version, even though functionally it equates to the same thing.

And wow was the ending bleak. Sorry about that, if that's not your thing, but I kind of like endings like that sometimes. Plus, as I was writing it, I realized that Laura was the real protagonist, and that I should do a sequel, and she should be one of the main characters.

So I really hoped you enjoyed Dead Ice. Onto Dead Skies!


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