The School Of Rules

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I walked down the hallway to my first class. Hell no. I have to be in school. I can barely read!

I walked into a class and took an empty seat in the back of the classroom. I put my feet on the desk and took out some gum.

Some guy walked to my desk and looked at me. "What?"

"That's my desk."

"Well there's no other desks."

"Well get out of mine."

I threw a wrapper at him.

"I ain't playing around. My friends sit here. I sit here. You get out of this school and sit in your grandmas chair. That's where you belong cause you have no life."

I laughed. "Ya I actually do have a life. I sit here 'cause I'm meant to be here. I'm a bad kid ok? And if you want this chair, you can snitch. Snitches don't go anywhere in life."

A few people heard our conversation but we kept on going. Finally I stayed in the chair and the boy pulled up another desk (from another classroom) cause the teacher said to.

The teacher said, "Good morning class! We have a new student today. Hazel please come up to the front."

"Ugh, I hate coming up and being the center of attention," I said under my breath.

I walked up to the front and heard the boy say, "Hazel? That's a name for a bad kid?" All his friends laughed quietly.

The teacher told me to say who I was and some facts about me.

"Hi. I'm Hazel Forrest. I'm 16 and I'm forced to be here because my Dad's in jail and I haven't been to school in years because I was kicked out. My mom left and I don't care I hated her anyways. I rap and if ya'll get in my way, you're gonna regret it for the world."

The teacher looked nervous. I bet she was afraid she'd be really bad.

The teacher told the class to introduce themselves. When the teacher pointed at the boy I stole his seat from, he said his name was George. I laughed uncontrollably. That was funny. I thought he was bad. It's worse than Hazel.

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