= Chapter 30 =

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" I need you. I breathe you and I'll never leave you."

-Jeremy Lockhart


Walking into the supermarket, the dimly lit lights flickered. It was
8 p.m. in the evening so not many people were buying groceries. My eyes scanned through the hardware section hoping to find something that could make my prank better than Dante's.

I had to admit that Dante's prank of kidnapping me in the night and placing me in a supermarket was a good prank, especially since I didn't even wake up when he carried out his prank.

How was I going to top that?

I definitely wasn't going to do just one plan. I grabbed an air-horn, duck tape, bowl, women's perfume, woman's soap, a screw driver and colorful sticky notes before I rushed to the counter and paid for all my items.

I was feeling especially evil that night and honestly didn't give a thought about the consequences this would actually have.

The lady at the cashier gave me a questioning look as if I was buying some alcohol or drug.

"School project..." I awkwardly mumbled which she nodded hesitantly in response.

Snatching the plastic bags of tools, I skateboard my way back home. I noticed how the lights in Dante's room were still on, at least I would have enough time to prepare my
MGMS — Mission Good Morning Sunshine.

I had a reason behind why I named it that way. Closing my bedroom door gently, I did a mental note to inform mum about our school trip which would last for 2 weeks also known as my road-trip to finding 3W!

Hopefully, she would buy my lie.

Brushing away my worries, I sat on my bed and took out my old recorder. 
Connecting the recorder to a microphone, I screamed softly.

"Into the FIREEEEEEE!!!" I yelled out the first thing that came to my mind, dragging and increasing my volume on the last word.

Right at that moment, Dante's room lights switched off. I needed to wait a while to be sure that Dante has actually fallen alseep.

I decided to role play since I was extremely bored —wearing black from head to toe, I slipped a mask over my head before ending the entire scene with an evil maniac laugh.

One hour had surprisingly pass by real quick and it came to the moment of execution. Pulling my window upwards, I steadily climbed onto the tree which connected Dante's window to mine.

Opening his window which was thankfully unlocked, I creeped with my bag pack into his room as quietly as possible. To be honest, I was afraid because one wrong move could make me an utter failure at pranking.

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