The Neighbor's Monster

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Haley gazed up at her neighbor's house with curious and beady young eyes, studying the attic's dormer window from her room's balcony, looking for some faint sign of life. Her twin sister once came home from school, crying waterfalls of tears while screaming about seeing a monster in the window, but Haley had the strangest feeling that she didn't see a monster at all, and this suspicion only grew each time she saw her sister crying at the sight of things like baby frogs or harmless lizards. No, she told herself, her eyes narrowing up at the circular window, whatever her sister saw wasn't a monster; after all, her father once said that monsters aren't real.

Still, weeks passed with her sitting in silence on the balcony for more than an hour every night before something finally happened and she saw it. At first it was brief, only a figure covered in fur swinging pass the window, making her gasp in shock, but then the figure stopped and turned towards her, as if seeing her for the first time ever after all those nights. Whatever it was seemed afraid as it slowly inched closer to the window, it's posture hunched over in a cower and it's steps swaying back and forth, like it took rhythmic steps backward in hesitance, but once it peeked through the window and it's face was lit up by the moonlight, it all made sense to the young girl. There, staring back at her with bright and curious green eyes, just like her brown ones, stood a young ape, not actually afraid at all. In an instant, her breath got caught in her throat, her jaw slacking and her eyes widening, but not in horror or disgust; rather, she gaped in awe and disbelief. Shakily, she rose a single arm, glancing behind her to make sure no one was coming upstairs to her room, and gave a little wave. It was to her utter dismay when she saw the ape hoot behind the glass before he waved back.

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