Chp. 21

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We both turned around and saw..

"Sebastian? You little-" I was interrupted. Probably for the best.

"Hello, Isabelle Lightwood. Always a pleasure," he smirked.

I clenched my fists.

"Where's Clary? I know you took her!" Simon growled.

"Now, now, I just sent her on a little mission," his tone was settle, plain.

"Where?" I barked.

"The Pandemonium Club. Oh and bring Magnus with you, he might want to see who Clary's meeting," Sebastian said.

And with that, Simon grabbed my arm and he dragged me towards the club.

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What had I just done?

Did me and Clary just break up?

Of course you did, Jace, she will never forgive you.

I sighed as I watched her from my bar stool.

Did she realize she was talking to a demon?

I felt a sudden urge to go and wrap my arms around her.

I pushed away the thoughts about Clary, and turned to the girl who sat next to me.

She smiled.

"I thought you said you didnt care."

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"How do you know my name?" I asked.

"Clarissa, there are many things I know," he grinned.

"I have a message from Seb-Jonathan," I said, remembering to call him Jonathan.

"Yes, yes I know," he scowled. "Well give it to me!"

I handed him the envelope.

"So, how's Magnus?" he asked, showing no emotion in his voice.

"You know Magnus?" I tilted my head.

Who was this creep? Well if he works for Sebastian, he must really be a creep.

"Not a creep," he smiled.

"I'm his father."

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