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I didn't want to go. I tried to get away but they took me to the car. I tried to break free but that didn't work. Oh no. This was bad. I wasn't going to see my dad in 2 years. I had to live with an Aunt I haven't seen since I was a baby. And I had to go to school. SCHOOL.

They drove me to my Aunts house. I had to live there. "Yay," I said sarcastically to myself. I got to the huge house. My dad always said they show off their stuff too much and call dad poor.

They opened the door and I walked in. I hated this already. They showed me my room. She had 3 boys. Great. I put my bags down on the floor. There was a twin sized bed, a dresser and a vanity. Why a vanity?

I sat down on my bed and looked at the walls. They were blue. Blue reminded me of Dad. He loved blue, well when he was younger. I don't know his favorite color now, he never tells me.

I walked down the hallway to see an older boy, he was Jack. He was 17. He was the mature brother, well mostly mature. He goes to parties sometimes and gets drunk.

I went further down the hallway to see a younger boy. He was 12. His name is Jason. He was the good one. But he was a tattletale. I can't do bad things around him.

I went across from his room to see the middle child of that family. He was my age. His name was Joshua. He was stubborn as heck. Almost as stubborn as me. Almost, but not yet.

The mom and dad were nice. I was probably the meanest one. Which was good cause no one was better than me at being bad.

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