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A/N: Before you read this I would kindly like to ask you to keep your negative B.S. to your self. These are my opinions and I will say whatever tf I want. Okay, that's all, enjoy the Poem!

Punk Ass Generation

People don't know how to feel anymore.

They don't deal with pain anymore.

One puff of a blunt,

and they don't feel or care anymore.

Why don't they get that weed doesn't heal,

it numbs.

And because I choose to feel, like a grown ass woman,

instead of chasing my problems with DRUGS and ALCOHOL,

I'm Boring?

And yes, before you ask, weed is a drug.

I'm so tired of that lame ass excuse,

the " it's a plant so it must be good for me " excuse.

That's just some B.S. people use to make it seem okay to run away from the hard parts of life.

To hide behind the smoke of your blunt.

Instead of growing a pair and solving your problems.

This generation is plain lazy.

A lazy, punk ass generation.

Afraid of anything remotely real.

A generation terrified of any pure, intense emotion.

People will do anything for clout, for money.

Sell you out, Shoot you out, or worse.

Niggas will say they love you, then use you, and drop you in the same week.

And hell, bitches will do the same.

People will act like a couple, talk like a couple, and fuck like a couple but the minute you bring up commitment they run the other way.

On some " We just Chillin' " Shit or " I don't like labels"

Well, nigga, I do.

So unless you tryna cuff don't hit my line.

Then y'all get mad when I call you out on your shit.

Like I said, A punk ass generation

Full of people hiding behind screens typing whatever tf they think will get them clout and not catching repercussions.

Killing over stupid shit, like shoes or petty ass beefs.

Unnecessary Shit.

So I'm gonna say it again,

We live in a lazy, fake, punk ass generation.

A/N: Hey guys I hope y'all enjoyed it, and before y'all comment "not everyone is like that", I know that I'm just speaking on a certain part of our generation.


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