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Author, you made six one shots in the span of, like, ten hours!

Requested: 'Why did I marry you?'-'It took a lot of convincing.'



I smiled as I heard Alexander walk into our kitchen. Alexander kissed my cheek and nuzzled into the crook of my neck. "Hey, Sexy~" Alexander purred. I felt my cheeks heat up. "Inappropriate, Mr. Hamilton." I sighed happily, turning around from the hot tea. Alexander took my arms gingerly in his hands, brushing his thumbs over the new burn marks. I accidentally burned myself... I have a collection of burns and cuts from meal casualties in the kitchen.

"Where did you learn 'Sexy'?" I asked my husband as he kissed me. "It just came to me. It was a vision! A miracle, I made a new word! And it means very attractive, beautiful and it's inappropriate~" Alex explained. I smiled and cocked an eyebrow. "Is that so? Because I heard that the day we went off to the revolution... from you... three years ago." I smirked. "John, let me be a scholar!" Alex whined. "Calling your husband sexual things will not help you become a scholar, Alexander, though, I am proud of you... you attempted..." I sighed.

Alexander smiled and kissed me, gripping my hips and licking my bottom lip. I blushed and pulled away. "Why did I marry you?" I asked jokingly. Alexander smirked and squeezed my hips. "Oh, Peaches..." He cooed, kissing me once again. I smiled at him as he softly tapped the freckles on my cheeks.

"It took a lot of convincing."

"And I gave in~"

"That, you did, Sexy~"

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