"For our first lesson, I want you to lift that feather off the floor." He instructed.

"Okay." Jestro was about to reach for the feather.

Monstrox stopped the boy and held him back.

"With your magic, not your hands." The necromancer finished.

Jestro blinked at the necromancer. Monstrox could see that he was confused.

"Just point the staff at the feather and picture it going up." He instructed.

Jestro quickly held the staff up and pointed it at the feather. Monstrox watched as he gave the object a hard stare; trying to visualise it going up. Roberto looked at the sight when Jestro started to make a few grunting sounds. Monstrox continued to watch Jestro and the feather; thinking something should be happening. Jestro kept his staff pointed at the object as he grunted some more. Roberto just rolled his eyes away.

"This is just silly." He muttered to himself.

Roberto was about to get back to his work. But something was wrong. He looked at the statue he was working on and noticed that it was going down. Then the ceiling was going down. But that was not what was really happening. He was going up. Roberto began to wave his arms in panic; shouted out some words in Italian. The noise got Monstroxs' attention. The necromancer went wide eyed when he saw Roberto four feet off the ground; Almost reaching the ceiling and panicking.

"Master, please help!" The sculptor called out.

Monstrox heard him, but he was smiling as he looked down at Jestro; who had his eyes dead set on the feather and focusing immensely. Monstrox shook his head in disbelief and pride.

"Hey, kid!" He poked Jestro in his shoulder.

Jestro gasped and jumped as he lost his focus; watching as Roberto fell bottom first on the floor. Monstrox and the shocked boy watched as the artist groaned and rubbed his now sore backside. Jestro watched with shaking nerves while Monstrox started laughing hysterically.

"I didn't mean to! I'm sorry!" Jestro frantically apologised; knowing he did not do what Monstrox told him to.

"Why the heck are you apologising for, boy? You did the hard version of this with no problem!" Monstrox spoke excitedly with a giant grin on his face.

Jestro just gave him a confused and slightly fearful look.

"W-what do you mean?" The boy played with his sleeves nervously as he looked up at the necromancer.

"It takes years for someone to lift a human with magic. You did it on your first try." Monstrox kneeled down to Jestros' level as he smiled at him.

Roberto got up and watched as Jestro gave Monstrox a confused face. Monstrox put his hand on his chin in thought.

"Joke boy might be more powerful than he looks, and he's just a kid." He thought to himself. "But he's not ready for anything too big yet."

Monstrox looked back at Jestro; who was still giving him a confused look.

"I think you've done well today." Monstrox stood up and lead Jestro to the door. "We'll call it a day and have another lesson tomorrow."

"But I didn't lift the feather." Jestro pointed out.

"Don't worry about it." Monstrox took the star staff from Jestros' little hands. "The next lesson will be longer."

Jestro watched the necromancer smile at him as he closed the door. Baffled and confused, Jestro made his way back to the living area; trying not to look at the gargoyle statues on his way out of the hallway. The boy carefully made his way down the stairs and walked into the living area. Everyone was sitting around in there; as if they were waiting impatiently for something. Whiparella was the first one to notice him; letting out a light gasp and running up to Jestro to hug him. Everyone else quickly gathered around as Whiparella checked on her boy.

"Are you alright? Did he hurt you?" She asked worriedly and frantically.

"I'm okay, Whippy; really." Jestro answered honestly.

Magmar and the other men watched as Whiparella and Lavaria both looked relieved. Moltor looked down at Jestro.

"So what did the old creep teach you?" He asked.

Jestro wanted to answer. But he remembered how Monstrox told him not to tell the group about what happens during their lessons. But telling them about making Roberto fly would not do any harm. Right?

"Well..." Jestro tried answered.

Everyone raised an eyebrow at the boy when he put his hands over his mouth; trying to hold in what sounded like laughter.

"I tried to make a feather float, but I made Roberto float instead."

Everyone watched as Jestro began to laugh. In a second, Moltor and Flama joined in, Book Keeper began to laugh and Burnzie and Sparkks joined in. Whiparella and Lavaria gave each other odd looks before they both smiled and snickered. Magmar raised a brow.

"He was just teaching you basic magic?" The general questioned.

"If you can call making Roberto fly magic!" Flama replied through hysterical laughter.

Magmar blinked as a smile began to appear on his face. Soon, he started chuckling along with everyone else.

"I suppose it is quite humorous to think about." The general tried to restrain his laughter.

Everyone continued to laugh at the thought, but Whiparella calmed herself and grabbed Lavaria by her arm.

"I need a word with you." She gently took her outside the room while everyone was laughing.

Lavaria raised a brow as Whiparella took her to the kitchen. The whip wielding woman let go of her partner and looked down at her.

"Lavaria, I'm worried." She spoke in honesty.

Lavaria blinked at her partner. But she looked away with a quiet sigh as she rubbed her arm.

"I'm worried as well, Whippy." She admitted. "But maybe this won't be as bad as we think. He might just teach Jestro basic magic like he did today."

"But what if it's worse than it seems? What if he makes Jestro do something he would never want to do? Something horrible?" Whiparella asked with growing worry.

Lavaria looked at Whiparella with an unsure look in her eyes. She was not really sure how to answer that. But she would not dare think of what Monstrox would do to their boy.

"I really don't know." She answered as honestly as she could. "But if he does do something to him, we'll make sure he pays for it."

Whiparella stopped looking at Lavaria with a worried expression and returned a brave and determined stare.

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