Lesson One

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Everyone waited anxiously as the week went past. The day that Monstrox would start the lessons with Jestro was today. Lavaria and Whiparella made sure he was ready for it. They made sure he had a good breakfast beforehand; they made sure he was wearing his favourite blue and purple hood and they made sure he knew what to say and what not to say around Monstrox. Jestro played with his sleeves as Whiparella combed his wild hair; trying to make it look as presentable as possible.

"Just remember, Jestro. When Monstrox tells you to do something, do it." Lavaria reminded.

"Ok, Lavaria." Jestro quietly replied.

"And if he does something to you, tell us." Whiparella asked.

Jestro twitched a little as Whiparella finished talking. He remembered when Monstrox told him not to say anything of what was going to happen during their lessons. The necromancer did not say what he would do him if he did tell, but the boy did not want to find out.

"Ok, Whiparella." He said quietly.

Lavaria and Whiparella sighed and gave their boy a hug; thinking that they did not want to let go of him. But they knew they had to when Roberto walked in and got their attention with a fake cough. The trio looked up at him as he tried to get his words out.

"... The master wants to begin the first lesson now." The sculptor held the door open; signalling Jestro to come with him.

Jestro hesitantly walked up to Roberto when Lavaria and Whiparella let go of him. The pair watched with nervous heartache as their boy left them; following the sculptor to the master. Jestro played with his sleeves as he followed Roberto. The artist looked back and glanced at the boy.

"Don't worry. Monstrox is in a good mood today." Roberto tried to reassure him. "He's just going to teach you how to make things float in the air today."

Jestro looked up at Roberto for a second as they reached Monstroxs' office. The sculptor opened the door, letting the boy go first. Jestro swallowed a mouthful of spit when he saw the necromancer standing right there with an eager and eerie grin on his face.

"Welcome to your first magic lesson, Jestro." He held his arms up; trying to look welcoming. "I bet you're excited, ain't ya?"

Jestro looked up and nodded quickly. Roberto came in and went back to his work.

"I'll just be over here, don't mind me." The sculptor spoke in a rather bored tone.

As Roberto did his thing, Monstrox grabbed something off of his desk and held it in front of him. Jestro blinked as he looked at the staff. The top of it looked like a copper coloured star with a big hole in the middle and the staff was twice as tall as the boy was.

"It's your staff you'll be using for your training." Monstrox explained; dropping it in Jestros' arms.

Jestro took a step back; trying not to fall over. He held the staff with both hands as he looked at it curiously.

"Why do I need this?" He asked.

"It's possible for a wizard and a necromancer to use magic on their own. But a staff amplifies their energy and makes the magic they create more powerful." The necromancer explained.

Monstrox looked down as Jestro pulled a confused face. He rolled his yellow and red eyes the other way.

"It'll make it easier for you to use magic." He simplified it.

Jestro let out a quiet oh as he nodded. Monstrox pulled out a black feather from his robe and put it on the floor. Roberto glanced at the sight before getting back to work. Monstrox got down on one knee beside Jestro and turned to him.

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