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Requested: 'Come with me into the other room.'-'We're not talking about this right now.'

Third person, I know, I never do this, but I'm gonna start doing third for a while

"Hey!" John chirped as he and Alex caught up to his friends. Hercules smiled and threw an arm around his French boy. "Petite! Come on, we got you the perfect spot!" Lafayette squealed, pointing up to a strong branch in a tree, a blanket laying across the bark and basket hanging on a branch a bit above and over to the side of it. John smiled and took Alex's hand. "Ima do it." John whispered. "No you aren't." Alex scolded, picking him up by the waist and dragging him to the towel everyone else was chilling on, "you can't be an introvert with our group of loud and obnoxious friends, Peaches."

"Lex, I really, really, would rather be with the birds." John told Alex sarcastically, "Come on, Alex, I just wanna try..." "John, you just broke your wrist climbing a tree." Alex warned. John just rolled his eyes and slumped into the large blanket. He looked over to Eliza and Maria, who were laying side by side and pointing at the stars and constellations. Lafayette was sitting in Hercules's lap and speaking French, which most likely was facts about space or something about baking, but Hercules listened contently and nodded along. John sat up and saw James and Thomas laughing at each other for, who knows what reason. Peggy was hugging her Angelica and her husband, John Church; the couple just came back from London. Alexander walked over with a dachshund puppy in his arms and placed it in his lover's lap. The puppy squirmed around and licked John's hand, who smiled and looked up to Alexander with bright eyes.

"Peaches, it's just a tree, and would you be able to hold a puppy in a tree?" Alex asked. John smiled and shook his head. Alexander sat behind John and took out his boyfriend's long, curly hair. "What are you doing?" John giggled quietly. "Just playing with your hair, Country boy, I'm making you look like a flower child." Alex hummed, kissing John's cheek and returning to the curls.

Eliza looked at her two gay boys and cooed. "When am I gonna get nieces and nephews, John?" Maria asked from across the blanket. John's cheeks flushed as he smiled, thinking of a comeback to make Alex embarrassed. "When Alex and I decide to cash our cards-" "When we're ready." Alex corrected, flustered and glaring at the back of John's head. "We're waiting to get married." John truthfully told the dark haired girls to his right. "Y'all will have the cutest babies." Hercules added., "But Lafayette and I will have the flawless babies." John smiled at that.

"John, are you okay?" Alex asked, tying John's ribbon around the finished braid. John nodded and leaned back, kissing Alexander's cheek. Alex crawled in front of his boyfriend and let the puppy loose. It's not like it could run anywhere, Maria and Eliza's property was fenced in and safe. Alex placed his head in John's lap and kissed his little boyfriend's thigh lightly. "The stars look like your freckles..." Alex mumbled. John smiled and nodded. "That, they do, Alex..." He whispered back. "We need to sleep, we got school tomorrow..." Alex sighed. John shook his head and kissed Alexander's forehead. "It's Friday, Sleepyhead." John giggled. "And you're thick thighs are comfortable, stay still." Alex mumbled tiredly. Eliza rolled her eyes and kissed John's head as she and Maria got up to stretch. "Thanks, Mom." John joked. "Love you too, sweetheart." Eliza hummed, racing her girlfriend up a hill.

Lafayette and Hercules were asleep, Lafayette laying his head on Hercules's chest. John smiled as he saw Thomas and James play tag. James tripped and pinned Thomas onto the ground, the fluffy Virginian giggling and kissing the other's cheek. "Attention, We should go back up with everyone..." John heard James coo. The two walked up to the large blanket, settling down behind John and Alex, but not close enough for John to hear them whispering 'I love you's to each other. "I wish you would play tag with me..." John whispered to himself, but he was talking to Alex, "You just worry about me, like a parent..."

John sighed and kissed Alexander's head before looking up at the stars. "I love you, Alex... sweet dreams..." he hummed.

*Time skip*

"Come with me into the other room." Alex demanded to John, not loud enough for anyone else to hear. Alex just checked everyone's grades with Hercules and James, both boys were pretty scared for John. John was failing Law... he was kinda supposed to be acing that class since Alex is his tutor. John rolled his eyes, he knew why. "We aren't talking about this now." John whispered to Alex before smiling at Peggy and hugging her. "John-" "Alex, it's a B plus, I'll pass the semester." John sighed. Alexander huffed and picked John up, taking him into the other room. He covered John's mouth so John couldn't scream 'rape', he did it once as a joke, and the whole group attacked Alex for it. John and Alex were put on a day-long vacation from each other.

Alex pushed the small freckled boy onto their bed. "What the hell, Alex?!" John screamed. "What is wrong with you? Are you getting tired? Depressed? Are you eating a good breakfast for school? Is it another student? Maybe Charles Lee?" Alex bombarded John with questions. John practically had steam coming from his ears. "I'm fine." He hissed through gritted teeth. "John, I just want you to be the best you can-" Alex tried to explain to his angry boyfriend. "I'm sorry I'm not as smart as you, Alex, maybe I just can't analyze a full divorce paper in thirty minutes and tell about everything you must do to make it legal or what absolutely needs to be on it. I'm sorry I'm shy and I can't speak in front of our whole class. I'm sorry you're a better lawyer than me!" John screamed. Alex saw the anger in John's usual soft eyes. Tears boiled in the anger, making Alexander's stomach quench with guilt. "John-" "Save it. We have friends over." John muttered, taking a breath before he left the bedroom. "Hi, James! Hi, Thomas! How are y'all?" Alex heard as the door closed. Alex sighed and put his head in his hand.

Alex messed up. You can't just make a small, usually calm boy like John snap like that... and Alex did in five minutes. Charles did once, but Charles and John had already been on bad terms. Alex was his boyfriend, and his best friend. Alex is the one he trusts... well, ouch...

Part two, yes or no?


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