Cry for Help (Part 3/Finale of CfH)

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"Sh-Shelby?! I-I'm coming!" I hear him yell
"What?! How did you manage to contact someone?!" Asked Ethan
"People have phones, you know!" I yell
"Ugh!" Renee growls
They start coming towards me, but Will comes and saves the day
Will runs through the doorway, and punches Ethan. Still with adrenaline keeping him running
Renee, as the caring girlfriend that she is, runs, and comforts Ethan.
"Shelby, come on, let's go! Will tells me
I jump down, and suddenly feels pain in my ankle
"Ow!" I screech
"Sh-Shelby!" He speed walks towards me
"Are you okay?" He asks very concerned
"Y-yeah... I think I just sprained my ankle. And my elbow is still in pain." I say
"B-but... We need to get out of here..." He says

How do I get Shelby out of here quickly... Do I put her arm around my shoulders? No, it'll take too long... Ah! I know!

I look over at Will, and he bends down, and starts to carry me bridal style.
"W-Will! Y-you don't have to do this!" I say while blushing like crazy
"Shelby! I don't care about what I have to do! As long as you're safe!" He says seriously
"O-okay..." I say awkwardly
He walks through door, and shuts it behind him.
"I-I can walks down the stairs myself... But th-thanks for saving me..." I say with a smile
"A-are you sure"? He asks
He sets me down, and I stand on my own. He wraps my arm around him, so there would be a less chance of me falling.
"Liam's room isn't too far, it's just 1 floor down." He tells me
"Okay... I can make it."
"Do you wanna tell me what happened..?" Will asks glancing at me
"I'll tell you, I promise. When we're settled down, though." I tell him
"Okay." He says
We finally make our way the Liam's hotel room, and unlocks the door.
"Here Shelby, you sit down, I'm gonna look for a first-aid kit."
"Okay." I say not worried
He goes into the bathroom, and comes back with a first-aid kit.
We start to clean up my elbow, and began wrapping up my ankle. It was too silent, so I decided to break it. I led him to the balcony.

"Th-thanks for saving me, Will." I smile at him
"No problem..." He smiles back
"So. What happened... You know. How did all of this start?" He asks
"Well, apparently, he never got rid of that grudge. Him and his girlfriend created a plan. To lure me in with his stupid charm, to make me fall in love all over again. And it worked, I fell for the first part of his plan. The next thing he planned on doing, was to break my heart. He did that, too... And then, his girlfriend beat me up along, with the plan. I feel so stupid just talking about this. I shouldn't of let my high school feelings come back. Because, now I know, that I truly have feelings for one boy. This specific boy is my world." I say
He was silent for a minute
"Wow... Well, that boy is really lucky. Do I know him?" He asked
"Yeah... You do actually. He's at this hotel at this very moment." I tell him
"Well, do you wanna tell me who the lucky boy is?" He says with a sad grin
"I would, but I don't wanna be the only one confessing things tonight. There are things I wanna know, too." I say
"Okay... What do you wanna know?" He asks me
"Well, you seem to be feeling better now. What was the problem anyways?"
"Oh no... Well, if you wanna know." Will took a deep breath
"Shelby, I may or may not regret this, but... Okay, I wasn't sick. I was... Depressed." He says
"Wait... What? Why?" I asked concerned
"Well... Shelby. I-I like you, a lot! For the longest time, my feelings for you just got stronger. When we first started making videos together, I knew that I had feelings for you. You were my source of happiness. Your laughter, your smile, your voice, everything about you lit up my world. You ARE my world. And when you told us about your date with Ethan, it ruined me. It really ruined me..."
I looked over at him. I felt terrible.
"You hate me, don't you?" He asked sadly
"I don't. I really don't. Will... You're the boy who I have feelings for... When I saw you at the airport, everyone else in the world around me stopped. It was only you and I moving. That moment made me realize that you are my world. You mean the most to me, Will. You are my source of happiness."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I couldn't believe that the girl of my dreams, felt the same way. I was speechless. I guess the only thing to do, was to kiss her.

Will pulled Shelby into a passionate kiss. And at that moment, Shelby knew, that Will was the one. That they were Meant to Be.

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