Chapter 20

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•Amelia's POV•
I was woken up by the sweet scent of eggs and other delicious smelling foods. I shot out of bed, the familiar soreness caused me to wince a little, and I quickly put on my underwear and a large t shirt. I could tell I looked like a mess.

I walked into my kitchen to see a shirtless Damon over the stove, cooking what it seems to be eggs and bacon. My mouth began to water immediately.

"Good you're up, take a seat, breakfast is almost ready." I smiled politely and took a seat on my small dining table. I was a little bit self conscious of my home since it hasn't been cleaned properly and there was mess everywhere.

Damon served breakfast shortly ever. The scrambled eggs looked delicious and he put the bacon out in a heart shape, making me giggle uncontrollably like a school girl.

"Why are you laughing?" I already had slight tears in my eyes and Damon's soft nature since my first impression of him was cold and demeaning.

I leaned across the small table and pinched his cheeks.

"You are the cutest thing ever."  I ruffled his hair, making him pout like a baby.

He rolled his eyes at me, stuffing eggs into his face.

"I'm literally the most bad ass person ever, how are you calling me cute?" I scoffed at his comment.

"You? Bad ass? Barely. One time I stole a pen from my teacher and she spent a whole 30 minutes looking for it but I never gave it back." I crossed my arms giving him a proud smile.

I finished my breakfast in less than 10 minutes and washed up all the dishes. Then I took a quick shower and changed into my work clothes. I walked out the washroom to see Damon in a brand new suit. The signature black suit was still him but had a white shirt underneath rather than a black or grey shirt.

" I had Ben drop me some stuff. I can drive you to work. We can kick out Freddy together." I gave him a cheeky smile while he grabbed my hand as we head to his car.

We arrived shortly and he would still not let go of my hand. I tried tugging away, feeling a bit embarrassed of the looks and glares from people passing by.

"Damon. Let go, people can see us." I whisper yelled. He smirked.

"Let them. Then everyone would know that you're mine." We entered the elevator and made our way to the last floor. As we entered Damon's office, the place unrecognizable, I could feel that he was angry. The couch was basically flipped over, multiple things broken, clothes everywhere and Freddy sat on Damond's chair, feet on table.

"Bro! You're back!" Freddy almost fell from his chair.

"You can leave now. Your job is finished." Damon hissed. I could see Freddy lowering his head. As soon as he left, I let out a whoop.

"Finally! That bastard is gone." I instinctively started picking up trash while Damon went on another phone call. I wonder how much he pays for his phone bill.

He rushed back into the room looking very frightened, even for him.

"Is everything alright?" I asked dropping what ever was in my hand.

"My mom. They found her." I choked on my own spit.

"W-where is she?" Damon rushed around, gathering his stuff.

"Hospital." Was all he said. I shyly followed behind him, keeping some sort of distance. He turned around and clasped my hands gently.

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