Chapter 2

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As a Stormtrooper of the First Order, FN-2187 was taught a lot of things. History, military tactics, fighting, the works. He was raised and trained to be the best fighter, much like the other poor souls who were currently alongside him.

Running had been part of that training, thankfully.

"Come on! This way!" Eight-Seven heard from a fellow Stormtrooper.

His white boots kicked up sand. The unforgivable heat of twin suns bore down on him and his white armor. He huffed and puffed, as he had been for however long he had been running, and he was in no mood to stop.

Then, FN-2187 heard something that made his blood freeze, if that were possible in the desert. It was a loud roar he had heard so many times before, and it echoed as a dark shadow crept on the sands, not too far from the group. Eight-Seven and his comrades dared to look and see the TIE fighter loomed overhead, like a dark cloud. And it was joined by two more of its kind.

"Spread out!" came from another trooper.

FN-2187 gladly obeyed, pumping his legs faster than he thought was possible, as the TIEs fired a volley of green lasers. While sand flew everywhere, he and his companions acted quickly and fanned out to be less obvious targets. A few who were too slow screamed as they were violently flung into the air and crumpled on the sands.

"Keep running!" he heard one of the runaways, a woman. "Just a bit farther!"

"We can't outrun them! We need shelter!" screamed another.

More shots were fired, explosions rocked the ground, and everything was becoming a haze. Eight-Seven could barely see the sandy blobs in the distance. His breaths were more heavy and ragged than before.

He did not care. Only a bit farther. That was what he heard. Eight-Seven was not sure how much "a bit farther" was, or even where they were going. He did not question it.

He blinked his eyes under his helmet a couple times. The distant blobs faded in and out, and their shapes curved into large dunes, instead of flat and open desert he had been running on. "Dunes up ahead! We can hide there!" he called to the others.

"I... I can't... I can't make it that far!" rasped a Stormtrooper lagging behind. "I'm too tired!"

"You have to run! They'll kill you!" said the female trooper.

"I can't!"

Even though he was exhausted, Eight-Seven glanced over his shoulder to the trooper, now kneeling on the ground. The man looked like he could barely run another meter, let alone up the dunes. There was no way he would survive, especially with those fighters.

Throwing away common sense, FN-2187 stopped. "Keep going! We'll catch up!" he told the others.

"Eight-seven, don't-"

"GO!" Eight-Seven shouted, and he took a step towards the helpless trooper.

Suddenly, a green laser lit up in front of Eight-Seven's eyes. His feet left the ground and everything spun as a loud boom pounded on his helmet. Eight-Seven did not hear the trooper's agonizing scream as the man was incinerated on the spot. He did hear a hard thud when he hit the ground.

It took him a moment to realize he had even landed or that his helmet came off. When he did, he was too tired to do anything. He just laid there and let his dark skin burn in the heat of the twin suns. However, his heart leaped hearing the TIE getting closer.

Eight-Seven tried to scramble to his feet. His legs ached with pain, and he collapsed back on the sand. His breathing quickened, and so did his heart rate. With a look of terror, Eight-Seven's sweaty face stared at the three TIEs about to swoop in and finish the job.

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