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In the murky darkness, there was no one.

The eyes under the black visor continued to stare, wanting to find some outline of a person. They had to be hiding somewhere, perhaps cloaking their presence. However, the Force revealed nothing of the sort, or anything for that matter.

The Force was proven true when the lightning flashed, and no one was in the rain.

A breath of frustration escaped Kylo Ren's helmet as he stared at the empty space before him. He expected the other Jedi students to be here. He had felt them, and it was what his sources had told him, but now there was no one. Not a single being.

Behind him, a female asked, "Where are they?!"

"They must be hiding somewhere!" said another, a man barely heard over the rain and thunder.

Kylo glanced over his shoulder to the handful Knights of Ren behind him. The filter of his helmet turned his frustration into a distorted deep base. "I want them found! Leave no stone unturned!" he ordered.

Before everyone else went their own separate ways, Kylo impatiently rushed out to conduct his own search. His boots splashed in large puddles, sending water everywhere and mud on his soles. Again, he tried to find some visage of a being, looking left and right. Again, he found no one. Kylo kept on walking and searching, until the forms of his knights were mere blobs in the distance.

After a while, Kylo came to a stop. Closing his eyes, the booming thunder, the rain pelting the dome of his helmet, and the constant splash of dirt and puddles faded away. Kylo searched through the ebb and flow of the Force for any lifeforms other than himself and his knights. He brushed aside the critters, plants, and others he saw beneath his notice. He searched, and searched, and searched. He knew he was close, but where?

Then Kylo turned, just as the lightning flashed again over a white cloak, and the outline of a hooded man appeared not too far away. "I was wondering when you would find me," the man said, his soft voice weighed down by age. "Waiting in the rain for so long isn't exactly good for my health."

Kylo, not amused, peered at the man. "Where are the others?"

"Gone," calmly met his demand. "Away from you and Snoke."

Anger sparked, but Kylo stopped himself. "If you tell me where they are, the Supreme Leader may show you mercy," he offered.

The man shook his hooded head, and Kylo heard a small chuckle in the heavy rain. "We both know that won't happen. There's only one way this will end," the man replied.

Kylo frowned under his helmet. "Perhaps you're right," and he reached for his lightsaber hilt.

Pressing the button, the main red blade howled, and the two smaller ones sizzled out of the lateral vents. They crackled in the rain, sparks almost coming out of the serrated edges. Kylo's red lightsaber hissed at the water droplets while he strode forward.

The man stared from under his dripping hood, and the pair of clear gray eyes met Kylo's dark visor. "Strike me down, if you have to. But if you do, I will become more powerful than you can ever imagine."

"I can imagine quite a bit," Kylo retorted before he raised his saber.

The man merely smiled asthe blade came down.

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