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The smell of cigarette smoke filled the nostrils of all of the college kids that were stuffed into the small house. Half drank liquor bottles littered the floor as if they multiplied like fruit flies. The music throughout the trashed household was booming so loud that it could have physically burst someone's eardrums if they weren't used to the noise.

A group of troublesome boys sat in the dark living room. They couldn't have been over the age of twenty. Of course, smoking was legal for the group, but they still had another year until they could legally drink. Did they care though? Not one bit. They were the type of group who'd fuck girls for a night then leave her alone wondering what the hell she did wrong.

There was one girl to every two men in the group. Each girl was dressed in either shirts that practically looked like a bra or fishnet tights with nothing else to cover. They were the girls who'd go around acting as though they were strippers, yet they did it all for free. Most of the guys handed the girls around as if they were property, not like they minded it though.

As the other men were obnoxiously throwing cuss words around the table and acting as if they were wild animals, there was one lone man out who sat quietly on the couch with a cigarette between his two fingers. His hair was a deep brown with no highlights weaved through it. He had emerald eyes, which most people seemed to notice first. Although, nothing could compare to the resting bitch face plastered on his features as he sat with his friends throughout the night.

"Let's play truth or dare." One of the other males piped up. He was the oldest in the group. He had black hair with chiseled facial features which featured a light scruff upon his chin. His crystal blue eyes could pierce through the heart of any woman he wanted.

"Ian, that's a game for two year olds." The green eyed male scoffed at his suggestion. He had a very hard demeanor, and it was very hard to break down his walls. All he ever cared about was sleeping with women, art, and cigarettes.

"What, scared of a little game Cole?" The blonde girl next to him sneered, poking at his strong biceps. Her name was Becky. Or, as Cole liked to call her, Bîtchy Becky. She was the slut of the group. Honestly, she probably had slept with everyone in this circle of friends at least once. They were surprised she hadn't picked up a sexually transmitted disease yet.

"Fûck you." Cole practically spat the words out as he placed the cold blooded killer between his lips. He took in a deep drag of the nicotine infused toxin, before he puffed out a large cloud of raunchy smelling smoke. "I'll play your shîtty little game I suppose."

"I guess I'll start." Spoke up a handsome man with a large mouth. That was Liam, although, his nickname on the football team was "Freight train." He was the toughest lineman the University had ever seen. The brunette with a bad attitude. To his left sat a blonde girl with short, shoulder length hair. She didn't speak much, but that was his girlfriend Jennifer. He drug her around everywhere, and he was extremely protective over her. "Kylie, truth or dare?"

That fake bîtch was on her phone ignoring the entire conversation at hand. She was twirling her brown hair with her fingers as she laughed every five seconds, probably at some meaningless joke on her phone. Kylie looked up from her phone finally and let her eyes scan around the group. She was trying to figure out who spoke to her. "What? Oh, I guess I'll start with truth and be the lame one."

"Of course you are." Liam rolled his eyes as he reclined on the couch. "So, why have you slept with three other men this past week? I mean, you do have a boyfriend."

"We're on a break." Kylie shrugged her shoulders, not even acting phased by the question. "Might as well have a little fun while we're not exclusively together." She gave the most fake, yet innocent smile anyone had ever seen. "Hmm, lets see... Ian, truth or dare?"

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