Lonely Girl

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AN: This fic has quite a bit of language in the beginning and gets pretty dark. Based off of the song Lonely Girl by Tonight Alive. Hope you enjoy!

Lonely Girl

Buttercup and Butch weren't exactly a match made in heaven, but Butch was one of the only things she loved, so even though they had many harsh arguments, and he said some awful things to her, she always forgave him. To be fair, she said some pretty nasty thing back at him too. They always made it through many arguments, but their last one was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Buttercup sat at the Diner dressed nicely, actually in a casual green dress, by herself. He should've been here half an hour ago... Buttercup began to lose hope that he would show up. He never even texted...

With that thought, she got up and walked out, feeling a little betrayed, this wasn't the first time this had happened.

"Hey, what's a fine chick like you doing walking around alone at this time?" Buttercup spun around on her heels to come face to face with Ace from the Gangreen Gang.

She narrowed her eyes dangerously, "Leave me alone Ace, it's never gonna happen, so fuck off, I have a boyfriend."

"Well I don't see him nowhere..."

Buttercup gritted her teeth trying not to slump the menace in front of her, "He's doing something else right now."

"Is he now? Well I guess that means you can too." Before she could process what he was doing, he pushed her against the wall and kissed her, pinning her arms on the wall above her.

Butch was rushing to the Diner. He had gotten held up at his job and his phone was dead, but when he finally got there, he wasn't happy at all with what he saw.

He was hurt and he was pissed, he punched Ace, knocking him out. Buttercup looked at him with relief, but his anger blinded him enough to where he didn't see that, he only saw that she was kissing Ace.

She opened her mouth to say something, but was met with a hard slap to the face. She looked shocked which only fueled Butch's rage. "You fucking bitch!!! How could you just cheat on me with that greasebag Ace??!?" Buttercup started to tear up, which was rare, but she couldn't live without Butch, it was one of the things she learned within the four years they had been dating.

"Butch you don't understand-"

"I understand that you were in a compromising position with ACE for much longer than necessary!!! I know you're stronger than him, don't even try to say he forced it on you!!"


"I don't want to hear any fucking excuses Buttercup!! I'm so fucking done with this shit!! I'm so fucking done with you!!" Buttercup was openly crying and to anyone nearby, it was a scary sight. Buttercup Utonium NEVER cried.

"Butch, please, no, it's not what it-" "IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE BITCH!!!!" Buttercup knew she had to say something to get his attention.


"SO NOW YOU NOT ONLY CHEAT ON ME, BUT YOU TRY TO BLAME ME AS WELL?!? I'M SO FUCKING DONE WITH YOU BUTTERCUP, WE'RE OVER!!" Buttercup felt her whole world crash down around her. She started crying, she didn't even realize when she stopped standing.

"Butch it wasn't like that...." but he was already walking away. Buttercup felt her phone vibrate several times, and her mood only got worse as she looked at the messages. Butch told all of her friends his side of the story, and they didn't even consider her side! Even her sisters yelled at her when she got home.

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