Blurb and Author's Note

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Notorious bounty hunter Ianthe Telen is not even close to the life she dreams of having. After abandoning the Jedi at the age of 18, Ianthe searched for a path, but could find nothing. Now, though the Hundred-Year Darkness has ended, even more danger awaits with the dawn of the Sith. When Ianthe begins to have strange dreams, and even stranger patrons, she questions everything about the life she's chosen.

Suddenly, a mysterious senator pays Ianthe a hefty price to assassinate his opponent. She obliges, but she is wary. Ianthe can sense the rising darkness, but she pretends to let it go.

She does not want to fight.

But soon, the past will catch up with Ianthe Telen, and it is not so forgiving.

And neither are the Sith.


This story is set in the time of the Old Republic in the Star Wars universe. Most characters are of my own creation, but the Star Wars universe is not mine, so those writes go to Lucasfilm.

The story is set around 6900 BBY, so the characters are from a very old republic. I hope you enjoy!

I'll try to update as much as I can, probably every 2 weeks, if possible. However, life happens, and sometimes, I won't be able to constantly update. Please enjoy regardless! I also love any feedback or constructive criticism as I build my writing skills!

Thanks for reading, and may the Force be with you!

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