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She truly knew she was done for

After a tearful hugging session with her mother, Evie left the house. After having a little help to conceal everything. Having strapped a throwing knife to the top of her left bicep and one to her right forearm. Another resting on the top of each of her thighs only just covered by her shorts and one down the back of her crop top. The stele sat in her shorts pocket. 

She then went to join her sister and her friends outside of Pandemonium, one of the nightclubs in the city. Why not go clubbing on their eighteenth. Sure they couldn't legally drink but who needed booze to have a good time. 

When she approached the three friends her sister was spray painting the van. The group had changed their band name again. It frequently changed not often making it past the two-week mark before they changed the name. The pair were probably never going to make it all the way in the music industry considering they could not decide on a group name yet alone write songs of any description. Maybe they would make it. Many of the celebrities in the charts at the current time were not incredibly talented. So maybe they would be similar.

Her sister had drawn on the side of the van a tag. Evie sure recognised it from the talk she had with her mother only half an hour or so ago but still had no clue as to what it meant. Rather she admired it trying to question what it meant whilst the others wondered how Clary had come up with it.

Suddenly her attention was drawn back to reality when she saw her sister tug off her jacket and storm into the club. Giving a look of disbelief towards Simon and Maureen she charged after her sister. Flashing the bouncer a smile and showing her barely existent cleavage off she worked her way into the club on the search for the red hair of her sisters. The colour of which matched her own. 

By the time she had finally found her sister Clary was on the dance floor. She was pushing her way through the crowd. Which was weird as the dance floor was meant to be danced on. Then all of a sudden her sight of her sister disappeared. Evie then had to start scanning the crowd for any signs of the fellow ginger. 

Scanning the crowd was a bad idea. Instead of finding her sister, Evie's mind was preoccupied with watching another girl on the dance floor. She was almost as tall as Evie though it was hard to tell her height with the platform heels she wore. This girl was in a tight white latex outfit which showed marks tattoos almost which littered the girl's body. Her skin was tanned which contrasted greatly with the white of her outfit.This was matched with platinum blonde hair. Sure it wasn't the girls natural colour she still looked stunning in it. Blondes were not normally Evie's style she preferred brunettes but she would do anything to pull this girl. 

She felt compelled to go over to the girl but was snapped out of it when she heard her sisters yell.

That was when all hell broke loose.

Around her people were shifting left right and centre. Changing from what would be considered human into beasts. With snarls and disfigurements, they started to approach whoever was left on the dance floor. She thought she would be able to get away with sneaking off the dance floor. But she made eye contact with one of the shifted.

"Not a good idea" And with that, she launched the throwing knife attached to her left thigh. Hitting the shifted in the heart. It then began to convulse and hiss before disintegrating into a pile of ash. This was when a dozen more turned towards her. Perhaps killing it was a bad idea.

Evie just wasn't making very many good ideas at the moment. She quickly began firing the knives at the shifters around her. Hitting each one on the spot.

The many years of mixed martial arts and training sessions with Luke finally seemed to be paying off. 

She turned to see her sister stab one of the shifters and internally cheered. Looking around and noticing the area was practically cleared of all troubled she headed around collecting all of the knives she had left counting until she was certain that she had all five strapped where they should have been. Whilst doing this she noticed her sister arguing with a blonde man. Well, she was arguing flirtatiously. Clary always did have a thing for blondes.

The twins made eye contact and in that minute turned and ran. Ran back home. Clary for confirmation that she was not imagining everything and Evie for clarity. For both sisters wondered the same thing. Had they done what was right. 

Entering the house felt strange to Evie. The outside of the building gave her the feeling of unease again but this time it was more intense. To say she was alarmed when she walked into the living room was an understatement. Evie was practically ready to collapse because of the nerves running through her system. She reached out to Clary for comfort, something she so desperately needed in this instant.

Their mother was rushed fear evident within her having grown from the last time Evie had spoken to her. When Dot rushed in this fear increased. She brought out one more thing for each girl they were different. Clary was given a necklace containing a large purple gem. Sure it was pretty but it was nothing the younger sister would wear. Therefore, she was happily surprised to gain something different. On her necklace's gold chain was a gold locket. Opening it up it contained a photo of all three Frays with the words 'Family only starts with blood'.

It wasn't long before she was shoved through a purple circling mess in the living room told to think of the police station. She thought of the police station until she ungracefully landed in a heap on the floor in the corridor. Whilst sitting that was when she had all the thoughts of the night's activity running through her head. Dot had summed the purple circle which she had called a portal. Thinking back to her mothers talk with her earlier she summarised that Dot was what they called a Warlock. Which was kinda like a wizard from Harry Potter but with better fashion taste and less of a requirement of wands. 

She was still in her own world whilst Clary talked to the female detective who approached the sisters. It was then that she overheard a conversation she wanted to forget.

"You can have all three of them if you give up the mortal cup"

"I don't care about any of them"

In that instant Evie didn't know who to turn to. The man she thought of as a father had turned her away, thrown her under the bus.

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