01| Lies

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"I can't keep doing this with you Layla!" I run my hands through my hair and feel the droplets of sweat form. The tension strains my bones and heats my muscles when I look at the women with disheveled blonde hair that cascaded down her chest.

Her angel face knows that she has been caught once again. Crystal blue eyes redden in the whites from the tears that streak down her cheeks, makeup running in black streams. She covers up her white lace bra over with her arm, her eyes boring into mine with regret.

"Harry, I'm sorry, please just hear me out. I can explain everything-"

"You are only sorry after you've been caught! How many times have we been in this same place having the same conversation?" Looking into her clear blue eyes hurts me every time she gives me those wide puppy dog eyes. It was as if she had me on her hook, a dull ache stinging in my chest.

"I love you Harry, I never wanted to hurt you. You are the only person I want to be with," She weaves her web of lies again. She knows I am prone to falling and getting stuck in it, she knows my weakness.

"Layla do you know how much it hurts me when you say stuff like that? I can't keep listening to all your lies," I tell her pacing around on the verge of tears every time I see her standing in her white bra and panties. The white sheets of our bed and wrinkled and unmade from the various activities Layla had done while I was gone.

Seeing the messily arranged sheets and Layla standing trying to cover herself up made the pain electrify inside my chest. My muscles are heated and exhausted from all the anger I felt. The fruition I was fighting myself with taking a toll on my body that was breaking down.

I wanted desperately to believe that Layla loved me but it was evident in her actions that she didn't. You don't do the things she did if she loved me.

"They aren't lies if they are true! You know I love you baby, you know that," Layla walks and turns me around to face the wall of built up tears. She had me caught.

She frowns and wipes away a tear that rolls down my face. Her soft touch his like a flower petal against my cheek, a touch I didn't want to be without.

"I'm not sure if I do anymore Lay," I tell her stepping back from her. She was poison and I was addicted to her touch, to the way she looked at me with her pretty big blue eyes.

Now as I step back all I see are lies.

"I can change! I promise nothing like this will happen again. I don't want it to happen again, I don't want to hurt you like this," Layla blinks slowly up at me her hand reaching to take my hand into hers. She knows that she is my weakness, that I loved her with everything I had in me.

I couldn't say the same about her. She said that she loved me but she went and sleep with multiple other men. She lied to me over and over again and I thought she would change, my heart inside my hollow chest begged for her to change but it seemed as though it would never happen.

I was hurt again and again, my heart kept a sore ache inside that couldn't ever be rendered as cured. I had broken in half time and time again but believed her words in hopes that they were true.

"You keep telling me you are going to change but I've been waiting for a someday that will never happen. I can't keep living like this Lay, I can't keep bending over backwards for someone who doesn't feel the same about me," I didn't want to be crying in front of her right now but I could help it. She was so special to me, the girl who had stolen my heart. She had it in her hands but crushing it and caused heartache at the highest degree.

"Harry you are my everything, you can't just leave like this," Layla's soft and saddened emotion quickly morphs into anger. She hold my hand but I take it away and see her hand clench into a tight fist.

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