Chapter Nine

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When I arrived at the studio the next morning it quickly became apparent everyone knew about me and Seth. I had no idea how – I'd only told Kelly, and I knew Seth wouldn't have gone bragging about us being together – but it was obvious from the stares and whispers that it had become public knowledge.

I soon found out the how when I reached the beauty department, and was putting my stuff in my locker.

"I think you want to take a look at this," Charlotte said, handing me a newspaper, the first few pages were folded back to reveal an article in the gossip column.

There in the centre of the page was a colour picture of Seth loading my unconscious body into a taxi outside the nightclub. The headline above the article exclaimed:


I read the story:

Within just months of his return to the public eye, Seth Marshall, front man of English rock band Stryfe, is back at it after an allegedly drunken, younger girl was seen getting into a taxi with the frontman.

Just days after it was reported his wife Tessa Marshall had filed for divorce following nine months of separation, this new revelation adds another twist to the break-up.

Marshall struggled with a cocaine addiction that saw him spend a stint in rehab in early 2000. Has the 90's rocker fallen back into his old rock and roll ways?

Who the young woman Marshall was seen with is unknown, but as she appears not much older than his teenage daughter, Alexia Marshall, the tryst is bound to raise a few eyebrows.

I closed the newspaper and threw it in the nearby wastepaper bin.

"So much for us getting together quietly," I said, as Charlotte and I headed to our workstations.

"Jade, honey. I know you two have been growing close in recent weeks, but given his history, maybe it's best if you took a step back."

Charlotte usually kept out of my business. She never normally commented on me and my friends going out drinking, even when I turned up for work obviously hungover, so the fact she'd jumped to conclusions without even talking to me about it first made me tense up.

I span around to face her, my eyes narrowing. "For your information, someone drugged me at the club on Friday. If Seth hadn't have found me when he did, I would have probably been raped."

Charlotte flushed scarlet. "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

"Obviously. But what hurts is you assumed the newspaper was right, before even speaking to me about it."

"I'm sorry. I should have asked you what happened."

"Yeah, you should." With that, I turned on my heel and stalked over to my booth.

My head was already throbbing and I knew it was only going to get worse as the day wore on. Not only did I have to deal with the scrutinisation of every person who visited the makeup department that morning, but I was still trying to unravel the truth of the newspaper article. I knew some of it was them reporting based on one, quickly glimpsed, incident and not the full facts. What left me reeling was the revelations Seth's wife had only just filed for divorce, when he'd told me they'd been split up for almost a year, and that they had a teenage daughter together. During all the time we'd spent chatting in the breakroom, he'd never once mentioned Alexia.

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