Little Things He Does For You

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Happy loves to bring out his artistic side when it comes to you. You often find cute little cartoons at the bottom of notes he leaves or full blown sketches of you. He loves how much you appreciate his drawing and how you save every one of them in a big scrap book. Happy often adds to the collection with sketches of the two of you doing things together and small cartoons or tattoo designs. 


Rane cooks you breakfast and brings it to you in bed. He often wakes up early on weekends and puts together a feast and brings it to you in bed where the two of you will alternate feeding each other. You love how caring your old man is and how sweet he can get when it comes to you. 


Juice gives you messages when you have had long stressful days at work. He will immediately know when you have had a bad shift and will pour you a glass of your favorite drink and give your shoulders and feet a rub. He's attentive as he asks you about your day while he tries to relieve the stress from your body and mind. 


Your old man surprises you with a weekend away. When Jax is feeling romantic he works hard at the garage and club to clear up some time for the two of you. He works it out with Gemma to take care of the boys while he takes you to either one of the clubs cabins up in the mountain or to a near by town. With just the two of you, you guys are able to relax and just spend some quality time together without any disruptions. 


Chibs loves to shower you with little gifts. Your old man mostly likes to send you your favorite flowers or chocolates to your work place. He likes to let you know how much he loves you and how you are on his mind. 


Tig knows when you are having a bad day and he helps you relax at home by making dinner and drawing you a bath. He lights up your nice candles and scents the water with your favorite scented oils. He lets you relax after your stressful day at work in the warm water while he cooks your favorite food. 


He drives you to work. Kozik surprises you every now and then with waking up early so he can drive you to work and finishing work early so he can be there to pick you up. You love how he sacrifices a few hours of sleep and work to spend time with you and how attentive his is about your day. 


Opie helps you around the house and with the kids so the two of you can have a movie night. Your old man helps the kids with their homework and getting dinner ready so that you can relax after coming home from work. He also puts on one of you favorite movies and cuddles up with you on the couch while playing with your hair listening about your day. 


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