"Because we told her to, you'll find, I can be very persuasive!" Ember moved back towards me and Tom moved closer to Harry.

"She didn't know what she was doing, she was in a trance, yet the power of the diary began to scare he-" I started to drown out at this point.

I like bad guys, but man they take forever to explain their plan when the hero falls into their trap.

I started listening again when....

"Voldemort, is my past...present....and future" Tom started to write his name in the air, and with a swish of the wand, it became a very different set of words.....


"Father" I mutter, I can't believe that's what he looked like.

'Huh I could have sworn mother said he lost his nose?'

This is why Ember was acting weird! And why Mother was anxious to send me to Hogwarts this year.

Voldemort is going to return!

I was brought out of my thoughts by Harry shouting.

"Albus Dumbledore is the greatest sorcerer in the world!"

"Dumbledore was driven out of the school by the mere memory of me!"

"He'll never be gone, not while those who are loyal to him remain" Merlin, it was like watching a tennis match, head going back and forth as they argued.

A sudden screech was heard and Fawkes came flying in with the sorting hat.

Ember tapped my shoulder and led me to the front of the stone face.

"That's what Dumbledore sends his loyal follower, a songbird and a old hat!" Father sneers and looks at me.

"Summon it" Ember whispers as she nervously looks at To- father.

I gulped and reached my hand out, like Ember did to open the chamber.

"Come forth serpent!" I said in Parseltongue.

The mouth of the face began to open.

"Let's match the power of Lord Voldemort, heir of Salazar Slytherin against the famous Harry Potter!"

A giant Basilisk emerged from the statue.

And just to think, that's what my little Thanatos is going to grow up to be.

"Kill him" Father commanded the Basilisk.

"Parseltongue won't save you now Potter, it only listens to us!" Father shouted as Harry began to run.

The giant snake following him!

Harry tripped and fell, with the basilisk about to kill him, when Fawkes came flying in again!

He was attacking the snake!

Gouging his eyes out!

"No!" All three of us shouted, probably for different reasons!

"Your bird may have blinded the Basilisk but it can still hear you!" Ember shout out to Harry who had run away, the serpent not to far behind.

I turned to my father.

"Are you really coming back?" I saw his eyes soften a little bit.

"That is my intent" he nods looking over at the Weasley girl.

"Is she really going to die?" He nods again, with a slight smirk.

"The first death to my return"

I hid lightly behind Ember and he started to approach us.

"It's been a while since I've seen you both, the last time I saw you both was the day I killed your uncle" he sneered looking down at me.

'Uncle? He killed my uncle?'

I stared up confused.

"Indeed, I was only 7 and (y/n/n) barely 1 years old" Ember sighed, clearly remembering something.

Clearly he forgot he saw me when I started at Hogwarts.

"But you have yet to kill your nephew" she nodded towards where Harry had ran out.

'Wait is Potter my cousin!?'

I was about to ask, when Potter came running out.

He ran back over to Ginny and tried to wake her up.

When the basilisk came springing out the water, completely drenching me as well as making me almost jump out of my skin!

I saw Harry pull a sword out of the hat.
'Guess he isn't good enough to pull the sword from the stone' I mentally giggle at my little taunt.

We watched closely as Harry battled the giant snake, leading him up to the top of stone Salazar's head.

The serpent had knocked him down and he almost lost the sword!

Quickly grabbing it, he stuck blade  upward into the serpents head.

'The poor creature, it was only doing what it was told!'

He came crashing down, squealing  in pain.

I noticed that Harry was injured too, he had a tooth stuck in his arm!

On his way back to Ginny he began to fall.

"Remarkable isn't it, how fast the basilisk's poison spreads, I'd say you only have about a minute left to live" Father said in a taunting voice.

Harry only crawled over to Ginny and grabbed her hand.

"Funny the damage a silly little book can do in the hands of a silly little girl!" His voice gradually became louder as he spoke.

Harry grabbed the book and opened it.

"What are you doing?" both Ember and father questioned at the same time.

He lifted the basilisk's tooth, "stop, no!" Father shouted, however Harry didn't listen.

He stabbed the book and tons of ink came out!

A lot of light ripped out of fathers chest and he growled trying to reach Harry.

Ember went to stop Harry, yet I held her back!

He stabbed the other page and fathers face began to break in to light! It look like if you light a piece of paper on fire!

Finally Harry closed the book and stabbed the cover.

Destroying my father, Lord Voldemort!

Ginny woke up, and started talking to Harry, but I could care less.

I dragged Ember away before she acts out of anger.

We left the chamber and went straight back to the common room.

'So many questions unanswered, I'll have to speak to Dumbledore'

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