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And just like a boat she capsized.

Evie Fray was not like your everyday 18-year-old girl. She didn't centralize on looks. Rather focusing more on what she loved; helping people.

Her elder twin Clary had loved art always drawing and along with her love for art came the idea where she was the most important person in the world.

No Evie was more focused on helping people. Not only had she not received the grades to be a doctor, she had never thought of herself to be good in the medical career. Life stuck in one place seemed to be a bit too boring for the youngest fray.

Rather she sought some form of adventure, instead looking down the option of joining the police force. All had gone well so far as she was currently looking into joining the academy. Then she would be able to do the best she could to help people. Just like Luke did.

However, despite it being her birthday she found herself waiting inside a cafe for her sister. It just so happened to be that it was today when she had to have an interview for college. So she sat patiently with Clary's best friend Simon.

Simon was a nerdy guy with glasses and the hugest crush on Clary. Almost everyone could see the crush there except Clary. It wasn't that Evie didn't like Simon as a person. No, she rather liked the nerdy boy going far enough to say that she considered him a close friend. However, she thought her sister could do better.

So after almost an hour of waiting her sister turned up. Imprinted on her face was a frown. If Evie didn't know her sister well she would assume that she was actually upset. Though this was not the case. Evie knew what her sister was doing and she was not swayed. If you looked closely enough the frown on her face did not match her walk nor her eyes. Big tell that it was not true.

"Give me the professors' names and I will end them" "You know, with a scathing e-mail to the dean" 

"Don't bother"

"What? Sad face? Really"

Watching her sister and Simon fumble a conversation was more interesting than actually listening and contributing. The way they sat and acted towards each other was purely comical. They were so awkward she didn't know how to respond. Was laughing completely inappropriate right now. Probably so. Yet she still found herself giggling.

Shortly after the three finished in the cafe they headed back towards the Fray household. Approaching the flat Evie felt a familiar feeling of comfort edge its way towards her. It was something about it that made her feel at home. It was the place where she grew up and came to be herself. Where she found out so much about herself.

Simon dropped them off outside having driven everyone to the cafe that morning. Therefore, Clary walked ahead of her younger sister wanting to share the good news she had with everyone else. Trailing ever so slightly behind her sister Evie found herself distracted on the way into the house. Something didn't quite feel right. She peered behind herself the looming fear of something being there not shifting.

Thinking it was another drug dealer on the corner Evie carried on into the house. Only to find her sister going straight up the stairs having conversed with Dot who stood in the shop downstairs. 

Dot was an unusual woman aged somewhere between Evie and her mum. She seemed faithfully loyal to the family despite Evie knowing of no reason as to why. There was no familial connection, no reasoning other than the two woman having known each other for a number of years. 

Dot stood there admiring the tarot cards which belonged to Evie's mother. She was flipping them around making it look like she didn't know how to use them. Evie could never know for certain but she had an idea that this was not the case. For Dot had them out so often that it would only make sense that she had figured out how to use them but was not getting any results. For no one could ever know if tarot card really worked.

"Ahh Evie I wondered when you would be in. Your sister came through minutes ago." 

Upon hearing Dot's voice Evie looked up. It would be a lie to say dot was not attractive. She was way older than Evie. And as an employee of her mum it would just be purely wrong to ever get into a relationship with Dot. Yet she couldn't help checking Dot out. The woman really knew how to dress to impress and show off her figure. 

Shaking the thoughts from her head Evie spoke up in return. "Sorry Dot, I stopped outside for a while something didn't quite seem right you see but everything's fine now". Dot only looked at the young girl with curiosity. For it always seemed that she was more aware of something than anyone else. 

"I have something for you. Happy 18th Girlie" She called out passing over a black gift bag carefully closed using a black ribbon. Looking up to clarify that it was okay to open it Evie carefully undone the bow and peaked inside. The bag held two items. A pair of black shorts and a black bodice crop top which had two bands that were meant to wrap around her body.

"They're beautiful, you know what I'll change into them immediately they'll make me look amazing" Evie gushed. Excited knowing that she was going to look good that night.

She bid Dot goodbye before heading upstairs to change. She walked in to see her mother stood in the living room waiting for her. Somehow her mother always seemed to know when she was going to walk through the door. This left her partially confused but that was where she gathered that she got the hyper-awareness trait from. 

"Hiya sweetie, your sisters just went to her room. Now it's your time to receive your present from me." Her mother stated handing over two packages. Motioning to the first one Evie opened it to reveal a heavy object shaped much like a pen with a white crystal tip. It had an intricate vine-like pattern carved into it and was a graphite colour reminding the young girl to her almost connection with nature being able to tell when something was not right. The second package contained a set of five throwing knives all of which were made out of graphite and held the same leaf engravement along with her initials 'E.M.' which she assumed were for Evangeline Marie.

"The first one is called a stele it is a Fray heirloom"

"That's pretty cool I didn't know we had family heirlooms"

"Just never leave the house without either of those okay, plus we need to have a chat in a little while" Evie could tell that whatever this conversation was about that it was important. The fear that ran through her mother's facial expressions gave this away. Her mother was never one to show her fear yet here she was. It was enough to warrant Evie to stay at home. She wanted a genuine excuse not to listen to Simon and Maureen play another gig tonight anyway. She was going to join them when they went to the club later on.

She dressed in the clothing that Dot had brought her. Matching this with a black bomber jacket and a pair of black doc martens. She lined her eyes and perfected her eyeshadow before walking out to meet her mother. Her sister had left for Simon's gig after Evie had promised to meet her afterwards. She sat down at the dinner table facing both her mother and Luke.

That was when her mother opened up. Sharing stories after stories with her youngest child. Secrets pored out her mother's mouth. 

To summarise it all. Everything that she was told as tales as a young child were true. Every monster that goes tick in the night was real.

"So if we're sharing secrets, can I share one too?"

"I'm gay"

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