chapter one 1 Night

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Hello, lovelies,beloved readers and fellow wattpadians I plead you guys should please forgive me this is my first book and my first experience I've never thought writing will be part of me till this day I got inspired by my beloved father, I realize my long lost talent, I talk too much koh, but sha I hope you guys will enjoy the book


It's dark night Ameelah appears to be lost in her taught as she moves lazily towards the stairs holding a small Samsung android with flashlight on, but low battery (1%) and broken screen

She slowly open the door to her dark and small room and start searching for her torchlight because her phone battery can die any minute she remember keeping it on the window side, she makes her way to the window

Unfortunately she bump into a small stool and fall on the window and the torchlight fall all the way down the three story building mansion. She have to go get it cause her phone is about to die and she needs light to iron the cloth she was asked to, by aunty shafa

So she noiselessly open the door and walk gently down stairs and into the backyard she could sense a movement of someone in the neighboring yard but could not recognise who it is, it appears like he was working on the stables,"but who could be walking at this hour of the night" her subconscious asks maybe another poor orphan like her.

She spots her torchlight some meters away as her phone battery died and poor shivering Ameelah appears to be lost in her own house she stood there lost not knowing what to do she suddenly heard some footsteps and turn to the direction and saw someone holding a pair of torchlight he came closer and closer then bend as if he wants to hug her then he rose without even touching her except for his breath touching her face with her torchlight offering her to collect it

As she collect it, she was speechless,he then open his mouth to speak he suddenly felt a tight grip on his right arm by a shocking Ameelah, she was shivering and pointing behind him, he gently move his head and saw a growling ugly dog, the dog starts barking which frightens Ameelah more and she release his hand and start running the guy knows too well that the dog will follow Ameelah, so he starts running after her before the dog start, he successfully reached ameelah and grab her hand and they run together to a small corner and he ushered her in and ordered her to keep mute, the dog was in sight and Ameelah was shivering she was about to scream when the guy uses his hand to block her mouth and prevent her from screaming

After the dog ran off he checks the compound and the dog is no were to be found and he told Ameelah, but she insists he check again he silently chuckles and check again then Ameelah lead out a deep breath she didn't even know she was holding, he silently chuckles again which gain him a "whats this" look from Ameelah.

He offered her the torchlight and she thanked him for the torchlight and turn to leave but stood on the spot he ask "Are you okay?"

She reply with a stare, she wants to ask him to escort her home in case but don't know were to begin with, she nodded indicating both positive and negative answer so he then chuckles again and say "I think it will be best if I escort you to make sure that the dog do not get you"

She quickly nodded in affirmation, the walk back to her house was silent,she was shy and he got nothing to say,as they appear on their door step he then ask whats your name she was about to reply when she heard the dog barks and she quickly run into the house he turn and saw nothing he also walked back to the stables grinning ear to ear.

Ameelah hurried to her room and step on the bed and cuddle up in a faded blanket and lead out a deep breath keeping the torchlight beside her she stand up and prepare the ironing table to start ironing the cloth she was asked to iron before sunrise she start ironing the cloth with a grin and stood lost

"What are you grinning about?" she asked her subconscious and then starts laughing remembering each and every second of the incident earlier she then remembered not thanking him for the dog and for escorting her home safely

She off the iron and move to her diary she open it and narrate everything and promised herself to thank him whenever she sees him again and to ask him for his name,as she close her eyes she felt into a deep slumber ......


Balami Umar Abari_____Father

Zainab Umar Abari _____Mother (late)

Ameelah Khadija Umar Abari____Daughter


Alh. Ibrahim Maidala_____ Aunty shafa's husband

Aunty shafa______ Alh. Umar's half cousin

Al-qaseem Ibrahim Maidala____ Aunty shafa's son

Maryam sharafiya Ibrahim Maidala_____Daughter

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