Birthday wishes (19th birthday edition)

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I walk to the kitchen and make myself some coffee. I lean against the kitchen island and scroll through my twitter and I notice the amount of notifications that lead me to my ex Shawn's account. "Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! You guys mean the whole world to me!❤️" Shawn tweets.

It's been about a month since me and Shawn have been apart. I miss the way he held me, the way he kissed me with his soft lips. I miss him.
I grab a mug and pour my coffee and cream in. I go to the coffee table and take a seat.

My phone vibrates and a notification from Instagram says, "ah I wish y/n and Shawn were still together!! Man I think y/n would give Shawn a special birthday surprise;) I mean at least that's what it said in the imagines" I laugh and think, what would it be like if I were with Shawn right now?

I rush to my closet and put some clothes on, grabbing my keys and hoping into the car. I drive to Holt Renfrew and go to different stores trying to buy something perfect for Shawn. "Hello missy, is there anything I can help you with?" Says the man who works in Watch it! "Yeah actually. I was wondering if there are any watches that seem very classy and in the range of $12,000 to $130,000?" I ask.

The man looks down at the cases and says "here is one. It's very classy, very stylish and fits with your price range." I look at the black watch and ask to look at it by hand. "I bet he's going to like it" the man says. I get confused, but I realize that he thinks it's for my SO. "Yeah, I hope so. I think this is what I'm going to get." I say and the man takes the watch and puts it in a box and into a bag.

"That will be $151,760.00" (yes that's the actual price) I realize it's over my budget, but I'm willing to go that far. I bought Shawn the Breguet Tradition Tourbillon Hand Wound watch. I head back out of the mall and into my car and sit there for a second. I think, what would Shawn think when I give this to him? I take a deep breath and drive. I park a block away from Shawn's apartment and pull out my phone. I go on iMessage and text Shawn.

Shawn's POV

I look at my phone and see I have a message from Y/N. I tap it and see it says "hey Shawn, I know you may not want to talk to me and I get that. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday." I sigh. I honestly miss her. I miss everything about her. I lay back on my bed and look up ask think about Y/N.
"Shawn! Make a wish and blow this out!" Matt says. I sit up and think. I wish that me and Y/N got back together, happy. I blow out the candle off the cake and Matt and my friends cheer.

I text Y/N back saying "hey y/n, thank you so so much! I was wondering if I could talk to you. Maybe at my place?" "Um yeah, sure. I'll be there in like 10 min" Y/N says. "Sweet" I reply.
I get nervous but excited to see her. I go and clean myself up a bit.


I stay shaken. What have I agreed to? What if Shawn needs to tell me he's seeing someone? Or we can't talk anymore? I don't know.
I fix my hair and makeup and drive up to Shawn's apartment. I grab the bag and get into the apartment elevator. I find Shawn's apartment number and knock.

The door opens and I see Matt and all of Shawn's friends stop and look at me. It was dead silent. I walk in slowly and I see Shawn walk towards me. "Alright guys um let's go into the other room and give Shawn a little privacy." Matt says.

Everyone leaves and it was just me and Shawn. "Hey y/n" Shawn says giving me a hug. I missed his hugs. "Hey." I managed to say. We walk to the couch and sit. "Y/n, I've been meaning to talk to you for a while, but I didn't have the audacity to really say anything." Shawn starts.

Shawn sighs "y/n I miss you. Now I know that what I did was wrong, but I can't live a day without you. This past month was so hard on me." Shawn says looking down. "Shawn, I know exactly how you felt. Ugh Shawn I miss you. I-" get cutoff and Shawn kisses me. "I missed that." We both say. We laugh and I hug Shawn so tight.

"Y/n, will you give me another chance?" Shawn asks looking into my eyes. I nod and kiss Shawn. I could tell he was filled with joy.
I pull back and give Shawn the bag.
Shawn takes out a box from the bag and opens it. "Oh y/n! You did not have to! This is amazing!" I laugh and Shawn hugs me tight and pecks me on the lips. "Thank you" he whispers.

We go into the second living room and Shawn says "hey guys! Me and y/n are back together!" Everyone claps and cheers, I turn a bit red and Shawn looks at me and kisses my temple.

I take out my phone and go onto twitter. I tweet "happy birthday babyboy;) <3 @shawnmendes" and it blew up immediately! I got quotes saying "omg what?!" "Are they together???" "THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER?!?!?" Or "I KNEW THEY WERE MEANT TO BE!"
"Thanks for making my birthday wish come true." Shawn whispers.


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