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Raul let out a breath, straightening his suitjacket

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Raul let out a breath, straightening his suit
jacket. Smoothing his fingers over his tie, he couldn't help but remember how his wife did this for him.

Usually did this for him. He'd been eating takeout for months, learning how to take care of himself. He never had do that. First he had a nanny and money at disposal.

Then he had a wife to do it for free. Now he no one and he couldn't function.

Is it lights, brights and black?
Is it black and light?
Black and brights?
What about stripes?

How do you wash stripes?

He had to buy a whole new wardrobe after his first attempt at washing clothes. He couldn't clean anything, really.

He learned how to tie his toe courtesy of YouTube. He couldn't wash dishes, he didn't know how to shop, he didn't know how fold.

But he did know how to fuck.

Raul kept a slew of women, as always. Only he didn't have a wife too.That was all.

Divorce proceedings was taking forever, Raul paid extra for his lawyers to stall. He just knew she couldn't live without him.

Slowly, though, he was finding that the other away around. His bachelor friends, the ones with girlfriends and wives, and mistresses, they told him that it was phase.

"She'll come around," His friend Lovelle told him. Lovelle was a self made man, who know didn't do anything himself.

He had a wife, a trophy wife who sat pretty on his arm. Raul sat back in the velvet seat, regarding him skeptically.

About twenty of his friends got together, something they usually did every other week, to drink, fuck and eat. No kids, no wives. Just hoes and bros.

This week was at Lovelle's house, and he had all sorts of unnecessary and extremely expensive items in his home.

Raul couldn't help but disagree. Lovelle's wife, and his wife were two vastly different females.

"Look," Lovelle ran his hand over his fade, "She won't survive without money. No girl can. Plus she's got kids right?"

Raul nodded. Two. Two young kids, his heirs.

"Right, so she'll be back."

Lovelle, now content with his advice went back to the girl perched on his lap, explicitly kissing her.

Raul's best friend, Javier, glared at him from the corner. The music was pretty loud, drinks going around, general bad behavior.

Raul and Javier grew up together. Javier's mother used to work for his family, and they just... Hit it off. But Javi was always on the campaign for righteousness, and he was down for the wicked.

"You're an idiot." Javi stated. He always liked Zyanna, but when Raul started dating her he stepped back.

If he knew his friend was this much of an asshole, he wouldn't have.

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