No Choice Part 2.

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As soon as the door flew open we pulled away faster then the flash and cleared our throats to see Kylie with a disgusted look on her face and  Gigi shaking her head since she was next to her and smirked at us while we both blushed.

Hailey:"Told you they'd be fucking or making out!"She said walking pass the door going downstairs making us both look down avoiding their judgy eyes.

Bella:"Or is this sex so good I shouldn't have to fuck for free...."She sang walking pass the room following Hailey making me chuckle.

Gigi:"We're having breakfast....come join us if you two aren't already full"She said making me chuckle while Kendall glared at her.

Kendall:"We'll be down in a minute"She said making Gigi and Kylie walk out the room with smirks on their faces while I held in my laugh. As soon as the door closed I let out my laugh making Kendall hit my arm"Its not funny!"She said annoyed making me stop and sigh.

Y/n'"Aww babe come on... They're just trying to annoy you"I said making her huff and open the door.

Kendall:"Whatever"She mumbled walking downstairs making me sigh and walk downstairs. As soon as I took the last step I was lifted up making me groan a little since the grip around me was tight as fuck.

Abel:"Hey Y/n/n..."He said casually making me let out a small laugh.

Y/n:"Hey..."I managed to get out. I patted his shoulder a little"Mind putting me down...."I said making him put me down making the others pull me into a bone crushing group hug.

Zayn:"I missed you guys..."He said making them all mumble a few things while I tried to get away from the grip. Jesus! What do they eat....

Bella:"Guys....I think you should let Y/n breathe a little"She said making them pull away.

Y/n:"Gee thanks..."I mumbled taking a few breathes while they chuckled.

Tyler:"We just missed you Y/n/n"He said making me smile and sit next to Kendall.

Y/n:"Me too but next time take it easy on the hugs....I still need to be able to breathe"I said making them all laugh while I looked at Kendall to find her still annoyed"Hey grumpy..."I said making her look at me and glare till I shot her a big smile making her roll her eyes and smile.

Kendall:"Dork...."She said pushing my face away playfully making me chuckle and wrap my arms around her and kiss her cheek.

Y/n:"I don't mind being a dork if it makes you smile...."I said kissing her face making her giggle while the others smiled.

Tyga:"Okay we get two are all in love"He said making us pull away and laugh a little.

Kylie:"Quite sicking at times....."She said making Kendall flip her off while I chuckled.

Abel:"But seriously...."He said turning to Kendall and I"Your vocals are killer Ken"He said making Kendall turn bright shade of red while I smirked and got up chuckling a little.

Y/n:"Anyways....breakfast?"I asked making them all laugh and nod.

Gigi:"Yes please!"She said throwing her hands in the air earning a few laughs from everyone.

Zayn:"Weren't you girls suppose to make breakfast?"He said referring to the girls making them look at me and pout.

Bella:"We were but we like it when you cook...."She said making me shake my head and pull out some ingredients.

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