Kirishima Eijiro x Villain!Reader: Revenge, With a Taste of Manipulation

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Revenge, With a Taste of Manipulation

Quirk: Skin can turn different colours to gain different abilities. Each has a limit to its usefullness.
Red: Strength
Blue: Foresight (Five seconds, causes a headache)
Yellow: Speed
Green: Flexibility and fighting skill.

My relationship with the one and only Kaminari Denki was one of my favourites. We went out the the first three months of school, him having asked me out just a week after the entrance exams. He treated me like a princess, pampering me with feather-soft kisses and feather soft hands. I had loved it when he peppered my face with his love, but is that a little too much information?

Because this is supposed to be about Kirishima Eijiro. Let's just say that a certain girl from the General Studies had a way with her words and mouth, and Kaminari Denki was whisked away into the janitor' closet after school when he was meant to meet up with me.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was standing with my casual friend Kirishima, him having decided to stay after school with me to make sure that I was safe before Kaminari would come. That is, if he was coming.

"Yeah, but it's more like; Pika!" I poked my cheeks as I puffed them out, causing Kirishima to burst out laughing. My short red hair shook as I did too.

"That's great and all, but Shino, where the Hell is your boyfriend?" He asked, glancing at the entrance of the school from our position on the bench.

"I don't know, he isn't responding to my texts and I'm starting to get worried." I rubbed the back of my neck, sighing. We waited a good ten more minutes before a certain boy slipped through the school doors.

But he wasn't alone.

"Oh my, you're so funny!" Her laugh was like a songbird, her hand was on his shoulder. My shoulder, he was mine-

"Thanks, Dumas!" He rubbed the back of his neck, speaking to the French transfer student like he would speak to me. Kirishima's jaw had dropped. She was picture perfection, and her hair was a transparent sort of semi-clear. Her eyes were pastel pink, her curves were framed by a way-too-tight uniform. Had she tailored that?

"Is this actually happening?" He whispered, and I nodded in shock as my throat began to tense up.

"Oh, look, it's her now." Dumas's head snapped over to look at me. It made her slightly frazzled transparent hair move ever so slightly; it must be sprayed into place.

"Shh-!" He tried to stop, but then spotted how close he was to me. I slammed my foot onto the ground as I shot up, and Kirishima slowly got up beside me.

"Okay, this situation is absolutely something that I shouldn't-" Kirishima tried to exit the area, but a quick glare from me had him sitting politely, waiting for the situation to end.

"Hello, Denki, who is this?" My voice elevated in pitch as my head snapped to look over at Dumas. She smiled back, causing my blood to boil. The cool spring breeze whooshed by us, causing the trees to shake.

"This is Dumas-"

"No, who is she to you?" I questioned, crossing my arms. He swallowed, losing the colour in his cheeks.

"I'm his girlfriend, and who are you?" She asked, sounding disgusted. I gasped, my hands flying to cover my mouth. Her smirk was sickening.

"I am-"

"Was." She corrected.

"I AM his fucking girlfriend!" I shouted, my skin slowly starting to fade into a green colour.

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