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i love you... don't you mind?

Harry has never been violent, in fact, he's a complete flower child. He loves everything pink, soft and cuddly. With flowers in his hair and a smile on his face, he's the most popular person in school. But everyone has a breaking point. The only thing which can turn him from a kitten to a badass within seconds is his tiny, punk boyfriend. More specifically people talking crap about the said boyfriend.

Heck, if he didn't do yoga or meditation, by now he would probably be in jail for cracking someone's skull open.

The thing about Louis is that he looks a typical punk. A couple of tattoos, piercings, dark clothes and anti-social. But Louis has to be the softest person he's ever met, if Harry's a flower child then Louis' a flower baby.

Maybe two years ago, Harry would have thought that Louis was a heartless punk who loved beating up people as a hobby but now, standing at 5'2, he realizes Louis is pretty much the smollest in the whole grade.

He's like Harry's mini sun, even on the darkest days he makes Harry happy. And when he wears Harry's oversized clothes, Harry just wants to die of fondness sometimes. And with all his heart, he prays that no one takes his sunshine away.

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